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No description

Natalie Faber

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Atalanta

Knowing he could could never beat Atalanta in the race, Aprodite gave him 3 golden apples. In the race, Melanion dropped the apples. Atalanta, in fascination with the shiny fruit, was delayed and so Melanion won. When they were married,Aphrodite was mad beacuse Melanion forgot to sacrifice to her. She then hit them with overwhelming desire. There he lay with her in a temple. THe god of that temple then turned them into lions.
How was she a hero?
As a woman, she was constantly underrated. So when she wanted to join the Argo with Jason, she was turned down. Proving her strength she joined a hunt to kill a ravage boar sent down by the heavens.
She later drew blood from the boar. Because she so gravely wounded it, a male named Meleager was able to kill it. If she had not been willing to put herself in immediate danger from the beast, Meleager and others in surrounding villages would have suffered from the boars rampage
Her fall from grace
As more men fell in love with Atalnta, she decided to hold a race. Whoever could beat her in this race would marry her, if they lost, she would kill them. A man named Melanion fell in love with. As a desperate attempt he prayed to Aphrodite.
Who was she?
Abandoned as child, Atalanta was raised by a bear, becoming a great huntress. She first proves herself an excellent hunter when she slaughters two centaurs.
As a swift footed huntress,the strength of Atalanta is one we should all aspire to. She fought to prove her self with a sense of determination and perserverance. She put herself at stake in order to help others.
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