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kumon study

No description

Ace Tarape

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of kumon study

Kumon's individualized learning method allows
each student to study at a comfortable level,
regardless of age or school grade,
and advance beyond his or her current school grade level. At Kumon they place great value on the ability to study INDEPENDENTLY, and encourage students to discover how to solve problems for themselves without asking for the answer. Kumon worksheets are laid out in very small steps, enabling each student to advance smoothly from easy to difficult problems and ultimately toward studying high school level material. FRANCHISING KUMON CENTER - LUNA, LA UNION NAMED: TOMODACHI LEARNING CENTER Japanese word which means "friends" FEASIBILITY OF KUMON CENTER IN LUNA, LA UNION BASED ON THE FF: MARKET
ORGANIZATION AND MGMT MARKET STUDY respondents of 390 332 are willing to avail
58 are not Y WHAT IS KUMON METHOD? TECHNICAL PLANT LAYOUT Technically designed in accordance to the needs of the students 30 minutes per session the parent can choose the schedule FINANCIAL BALANCE SHEET PAYBACK PERIOD
3 Years *computation* investment - Php 600, 000.00 THANK YOU ! MAJOR USERS: children ages 3-16 LOCATION: Luna, La Union INTRODUCTION KUMON IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AFTER SCHOOL MATH AND READING ENRICHMENT PROGRAM. FOUNDED BY TORU KUMON a japanese father Learning skills develop the ability to reach for one's goals and dreams. Kumon was born out of the bond between a parent and child. THE RESEARCHERS CAME OUT WITH THE
FEASIBILITY STUDY ABOUT PUTTING UP KUMON CENTER SOCIO ECONOMIC Student Level: the student can study the lessons independently and will result to being a responsible cititzen. Community Level:
taxes contribution
for easy organization and management
the owner is the boss
less requirements compared to other forms of business Owner/Manager/
Chief Instructor Accountant Senior Assistant Senior Assistant Janitor Part-time Assistant ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
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