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Principal 2.0

Why do you need to communicate online?

Matt Renwick

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Principal 2.0

Why Should You Become a
Connected Educator? Principal 2.0 75% of adults ages 18-29 are using social media.

Social media use among adults ages 50 and up has increased from 22% to 47% in just one year. Because that is where your parents are! 8% of adults under 30 read a print newspaper.

We are "media grazers": 92% of adults use
multiple platforms to get their news.

33% of cell phone users access their
news on their cell phones. It also matters where
they are not. 90% of families with incomes between $30,000-$49,000 have cell phones.

In some homes, this cell phone is their only Internet access.

60% of households that make less than $30,000 have a computer in the home. Access Not Limited to Affluent 7 out of 10 African Americans and English-speaking Latinos use social networking sites (compared to 6 out of 10 Caucausians). Schools today are more diverse;
your communications should be too. Gen Xers and Millenials want to be connected - know what is going on while it is going on.

What parents want most from districts: Rationale or reasons for decisions made.

Appreciate having information available online when they have a chance to read it. Consider your Customers Young parents want choice and access with their child's education.

Trust no long assumed with education. Need to reach out and build it.

Parents, particularly Millenials, want to collaborate with their schools. Social Media Builds Community http://badgeradmins.wikispaces.com/ Go here!
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