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How to write a paper

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Justin Unruh

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of How to write a paper

Prewriting 1.Select a Topic
2. Research Notes
3.Use a Gathering Grid
4.Create Note Cards
5. Avoid Plagiarism
6. Keep Track of your Sources
Write Your Thesis Statement An Interesting Subject
the creation
of the Penny
Press Sample Thesis Statements The invention of the electric telegraph(an interesting
subject) had a profound effect on the people of this

The global spread of radio and television (An interesting
subject) helped to bring down the Berlin Wall
and end the Cold War. Outline your Ideas Thesis Statement: The Creation of the penny press
paved the way for the modern newspaper. Beginning Paragraph Ask An Interesting Question A Focus
paved the way
for the
modern day
newspaper A Thesis Statement
The creation of the penny press paved the way for
the modern day newspaper. Thesis
Statement Major Point
I, II I. Colonial newspapers in America were different from those today. Supporting
(A,B,C) A. They needed government authorization
B. John Peter Zenger was tried for libel for criticizing
the governor
C. Freedom of the press became the focus of Zengers
II. The early newspapers were different from ours
in many other ways
A,B,C Have you ever seen newsboys in a movie shouting "Extra! Extra! Read all about it? Start with a Quotation "Before the coming of the penny press, newspapers weren't really news," says writer Robert Younes in an article called "In for a Penny". Start with an Interesting Fact
When George Day started publishing the Sun in 1833, he was mainly looking for a way to save his new printing business. The beginning paragraph starts with one of those three statements and ends with the thesis statement. Step 1: Think back to The Odyssey. Review books 9,12, and 21--these are the best ones to examine. Read the book and decide--is Odysseus a hero or not?

Step 2: Come up with three reasons why Odysseus is or is not a hero.

Step 3: Write a 3-part thesis statement.
In the novel, The Odyssey, the main character Odysseus is/is not a hero because reason # 1, reason # 2, and reason # 3.

Step 4: Read The Odyssey books 9,12, and 21--as you read, find 1 quote for EACH reason that supports each one of your reasons.

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