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A Prezi of my Personal Learning Enrivonment at the University of Leeds

Reece Brownbill

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of PLE

Facebook The Portal My Personal Learning
Environment (PLE) Making new mates on my course! Chatting (Along with getting help on work!) I mainly use Facebook in my PLE for making new
friends on my course, getting to know people better,
along with networking with each other, and we tend
to help each other out, and discuss revision techniques,
what topics are best to revise, along with helping each
other with our work. The Portal is our University's main network. Within it, you can access your e-mail, which I use to ask lecturers questions on the material they have provided us with, and also to keep up with what is going on within the University of Leeds. Furthermore, I also use the library resources to see if the library currently have any copies of any textbooks I am seeking to read. I can also access our Virtual Learning Enrionment, or VLE, where the majority of my personal learning takes place. My e-mail page, which I use to e-mail my personal
tutor and lecturers to ask them questions, or
to seek guidance. This is also where the University
notifies me of any important changes, events, etc.
that may effect me. The library catalogue, where I can search
for any textbooks that I require. I can also
read electronic journals on here for help
with research for my lab reports. The VLE The main interface of the VLE The VLE is what the main part
of my digital learning at University.
Through it, I can access my lectures,
which I tend to print off and bring with
me to my lectures, upload coursework,
see my module handbooks, and see staff
information I can access my lectures to make further notes,
or to print them off to take to future lectures. I use the coursework uploader when I need to hand in a piece of
online assessment material, and also to access TurnItIn. Wikipedia is what I use to aid me in
my notes on my lectures when it comes
to revision. However, I don't tend to use it
in reports, as the information can be un-
reliable Google is the primary search engine
I use. I use it for my research, as well
as a general knowledge tool. Student Consult Student Consult is a website I use
to access the majority of my textbooks
online. I can get all the images, along with
read the text. I do this by scratching off
a PIN number in the book, and typing the
PIN in online. An example of a text from Medical
Sciences by Naish et al. I can see all the diagrams and pictures from the associated textbook
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