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amanda goodbody

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Tseyon Yezihalem
Natalie Ghani, Skylyn Houde,
and Estephani Cardenas 5 Regions Appalachian plateau Coastal plain region -Runs over two thousand miles from northern
GA into Canada is the eastern mountain chain known as the Appalachian.
-Formed when 2 plates of Earth crashed into other
-they are very old mountains, some of the oldest in the world. Ridge and valley region -it runs from virginia southwest
to northeastern GA.
-the valleys in this region have a pattern that is more like the branches of a tree.
-Throughout the mountains are the rapid streams and beautiful waterfalls as water travels down the mountain and over rocks. Blue Ridge Mountains region
-The land is characterized by the rolling hills. Underlying some of the areas of the Piedmont is granite extends above the statues, counter tops, and more.
-The boundary of the Piedmont on the southeastern side is the fall line.
-This region lies between the far northern mountains and the flat southern plains.
-This region is known for its red clay hills. It is also the region with the most people. We live in this region. Piedmont region An area of flat low-lying land adjacent to a seacoast and separated from the interior of other features. One of the longest coastal plain is located in the eastern of South America -Its named for its landforms
-the long ridges of mountains have equally long valleys in between.
- the whole formation runs diagonally across the northwest
part of the state. By.
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