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Interview Skills: 4 steps to your next opportunity

No description

Michael McKenzie

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Interview Skills: 4 steps to your next opportunity

The Road to a Successful Interview
Step 1 - Look to the Horizon
Know where you are going and the path you will take.
Step 2 - Preparing to Travel
Explain your destination and capabilities to others.
Step 3 - Getting a Ride
Deciding who you want to spend time with.
Step 4 - Opening the Door
Balancing confidence, patience, & persistence.
What is the purpose of an interview?
Self Assessment
Research Roles
Research Organizations
Explain when, who, and where.
Provide necessary details.
Define the objective.

Your goal . . . create a picture in the listener's mind.
Why was this difficult?
Environment, team, impending deadline, or limited resources.
Can be assumed by context.

Your goal . . . create a knowledge gap that needs to be filled.
Explain the steps that you took.
Clearly explain the skills and abilities that you used to overcome the challenges.

Your goal . . . keep them on the edge of their seats
Give details of crossing the finish line.
Explain how it helped the team or organization.
Talk about a lesson learned.
Use other's comments

Your goal . . . be remembered.
Telling your Stories
Your Tools
Online Profiles
Preparing for the Interview
Carefully consider requirements & characteristics
Research the details
Follow the company
Research people
Get the inside story
Practice your stories
First & Lasting Impressions
First impressions
Calm, confident & cheerful
Match expectations
Look the part
Communication ability
Clear & concise
Active listening
Honest & dependable
Friendly & interesting
Knowing What to Expect
Screening interviews
Panel interviews
Group assessments
Fit & motivation
Job specific
Hypothetical & case
An apple costs 50 qəepik, a banana costs 60 qəepik, and a grapefruit costs 1 manat. How much does a pear cost?
Final Impressions
Ask questions!
Get information that matters in your decision making; but don't forecast your answer.
Confirm next steps.
Make your final pitch.
Gaining Control
Keep asking questions.
Be prepared to decide with limited information.
Don't over sell.
Accept rejections gracefully.
Send personalized thank you emails.
One email address? Ask to forward a thank-you message.
Be politely persistent.
“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Personality assessments
Internship and school evaluations
Structure, culture & reputation
Growth & opportunities
Go beyond the names
Match with your strengths
Supply & demand
Talk to people doing the job
Next Week - Interview Practice
Activity in CMC Interview Rooms - come to CMC wing of School of Business at the scheduled class time.
9-12 people will be chosen for the interview;
The remain students will be placed on interview teams
Everyone will receive an email on Friday telling them their role
Interview team members will be expected to prepared with a question an criteria for evaluating the question.
ACTIVITY - Get into pairs
Review the company description and pick two personal areas of interest.
Each person explain WHY you would want to work at ADA CMC and do this job.
Review the job description and pick the top three skills and characteristics
Work together to develop three questions to ask to decide if an applicant had this skill.
Practice answering the questions
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