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Temperature Moderation of Water

No description

Madeleine .

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Temperature Moderation of Water

is a measurement of the average kinetic energy of a substance.

is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1°C.
Water is good at moderating temperature because its high specific heat makes it so that water changes its temperature less in comparison to other substances when absorbing or losing heat.
How are hydrogen bonding and water's structure important?
Hydrogen bonds form between water molecules. As chemical bonds form, heat is released and as chemical bonds break, heat is absorbed. Therefore, because water has such a strong hydrogen bond holding it together, there is more heat required to break it apart. This gives water a high specific heat and makes it difficult to change water’s temperature in comparison to other liquids.
The Demonstration
Explanation of Demonstration
For our experiment we filled one balloon with water and one without and placed them both over a flame. We then observed what happened to the balloon. The high specific heat of water prevents the water balloon's quick heating and prevents the balloon from popping. The air balloon without water does not have the same characteristics. It therefore bursts soon after being introduced to the flame.

Examples in Our World
Water's high specific heat serves to buffer the internal temperatures of organisms, the temperature of air, and the temperature of biospheres. It is extremely important in helping to maintain an ecosystem.
Another Example
Another example of temperature moderation is if we put a glass of hot water right next to a glass of cold water, the cool water will be getting hotter while the hot water would be getting cooler. In about two days they would both be the same temperature.

Another Example
Another example of how water is used as a temperature moderator in nature is present in lakes during the winter. As the top layer of water freezes, it insulates the water below it so the ecosystem is maintained.
Temperature Moderation of Water
What is temperature moderation?
Additionally, water's polarity is also important to its strong bond holding each individual molecule together. Because water's covalent bond is polar, there is a higher Coulombic between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms than there would be if water molecules were held together by a non-polar covalent bond.
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