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The Hunger Games

No description

Kera Bane

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-10
Chapters 11-27
The Reaping
Katniss, in the woods prowling for her family`s dinner, her next meal could be anything, it takes courage, confidence, and strength. Can she take the risk? Yeah, she can, she`s almost out of the crappy town that she calls home. Heading for the electric fence that surround her, she stops listens and waits for buzzing, it doesn`t happen, she`s off into the woods. After hours of hunting, she gets ready for the 74th annual hunger games, her mother leaves out a light blue dress for her to borrow, her sister, Primrose is already ready, this is her first time entering her name into the games because all children 12-18 have to enter their name to get called to participate in the games. She`s shocked to hear her sisters name get called for the games, she runs after her and volunteers as tribute. As the male role is being called, she remembers the name, Peeta Malark, he was the bakers son, he 'burned' bread just to give to her, how thankful she was. They
have been pulled from the stage into 2 seperate rooms and has a
chance to say goodbye to friends and family, Madge gives
Katniss a mocking jay pin to remind her of home,
Katniss puts it on and continues saying
goodbye to everyone.
"Katniss, the girl on fire."
Peeta and Katniss are getting ready for the introducing of
all the tributes, Venia, plucks her legs and other body hair. They get her clean until Ciana the actual dresser gets her ready, he tells her to take off the robe and hands her a black leather suit with black boots and a head piece. He walks out of the room and soon after she follows, she finds Peeta to be wearing the same thing. She notices a few of the tributes are missing, they`ve already been called into the arena. Before they even realize that they`re next, they have capes on. Ciana tells them that the flame is fake and lights their capes and head pieces on fire. Portia, Peetas dresser, says something to soft to hear over the music, Peeta says, "I think she wants us to hold hands." she nods and so we do. As they
are being pulled in the chairot, the get roses thrwn at
them, Katniss catches the rose with her free
hand and blows kisses from the
side of the crowd
it came from.
The Training Center
The Training Center has a tower designed for the tributes and their
teams (such as Ciana, Potria, etc...). It`s where they`ll stay there until the
actual Games begin, each district has an entire floor to themselves and the
other tribute, each district has each floor, such as, District 1 has the first floor
and so on. The district 12 tributes figure out that Effie Trinket can only convince the capitals people, Haymitch was the one that could get the sponsers.
The Red Headed Girl
Katniss has nightmares about her dad, yelling at him
to run from the exploding mines, somehow he doesn`t
make it. Haymitch doesn`t say what time to meet him for breakfast, Katniss serves herself breakfast, as she watches the morning sunrise over the capital, Haymitch and Peeta walk into the room, just 3 days until all the trubets practice together, she`s feels queasy. As they discuss their abilities, they get into an argument, she starts to think about all the she traded.
The training rooms are underground, last to arrive Katniss and Peeta get the number 12 on their backs. She notices how everyone is larger then her, in their bones and muscles. When the buzzer begins, the tributes run over to their station they choose. Peeta and Katniss stay together, as Haymitch has demanded, he immediately starts painting his arm, camouflage, Katniss just watches. They quietly walk around to each station they avoid archery and weight lifting, saving it for the private sessions. As they eat lunch they try to be friendly and succeed, as they get back to the stations they are being followed by a girl named Rue, a twelve year-old from District 11, Katniss is reminded by her sister, both names are flowers and both are twelve, she sees a great connection.
Private Session
As she walks into the room, she goes to the bows and arrows she feels that the string is tighter then the bow she has at home, she aims for her target and lets go of the arrow, missing the target by a few inches. She tries again and again until she pierces it right in the heart, the people in the stands gasp in disbelief, she shoots again and misses, the 20 people in the stands start talking, so she aims for the large apple in the pigs mouth where the stands are, steadies her aim and it pins the apple to the wall behind it, everyone stares at her, she sets down the weapons and bows, nods her head then leaves.
Haymitch asked questions about their faces, Effie frowns at him but he ignores her, she responds and everyone at the tables begins to laugh. After dinner they went into the living room and watch the scores, Rue pulls in 7, whatever she did, must have been surprising knowing how little she is. Peeta gets a score of 8 and she got the highest score out of all the tributes, a 11. Effie screams a little, everyone pats her on the back. Ciana hugs her on the back and tells her that she should just wait for her interview dress.
The Games
60 seconds, that`s how long you stand on the platform, step off early and you get blown up by a land mine, she spots one bow, the gong fills the air, she missed the time, staring at Peeta, she runs for an orange backpack and tries to run away to the woods, a boy from District 9 grabs the backpack and coughs blood on her, as he falls to the ground she looks up and sees a girl running towards here with a dozen knifes in her hand, ready to run, Katniss heads for the woods, she uses her backpack to block her head from the girl and she throws the knife at her backpack, Katniss can`t help to laugh without taking it out. She worries about Peeta, as she counts the cannon balls, each shot represents a dead tribute, she counts eleven.
We Won

By: Kera Bane 7H 9-30-13
Suzanne Collins
Main Characters:
Effie Trinket

The Train Ride back to the Capital
Katniss, Peeta and the other kids from other districts are taken into separate train carts where they will temporary stay until they get to the hotel where the will stay until the games begin, they settle down and get ready for dinner after they wash up and get changed, they talk about what`s going to happen before the games, first the introducing with the costumes, then the practice, then showing your skills to get sponsors, afterwards, the games. On the train, Haymitch, the previous winner from district 12 that won the 50th annual Hunger Games. He punches Peeta in the face because Peeta threw his glass of liquor on the floor. Katniss immediately pulls her knife out and stabs a clean hole through the table in between Haymtich`s hand and the glass of liquor. He comments, "Well,
what`s this? Did I actually get a pair of fighters this year?
Katniss pulls the knife out and sits down, Peeta is up out
of his chair and he puts ice on the bruise.
Out going
Well Minded
Effie Trinket
Laid Back
Drunk Most Of The Time
The Training Arenas
The Dinner Meeting
The interview with Ceaser was 3 hours long, Katniss sits by him and holds hands, she takes her shoes off, folds her feet and lays her head on his shoulder, he puts his arm around her. They watch the kills of all the tributes, Katniss, dodging fireballs, her screaming Peeta`s name just as he starts to die. Parts that intrigued the crowd the most. When the held each other close in the cave to conserve body heat.
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