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Canada province presentation Manitoba

No description

rachel steffen

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Canada province presentation Manitoba

Canada province presentation Manitoba
Capital and flag
*The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg.
The flag is a variation of the red English which bears the shield of the approval by the passage of a bill in the Manitoba legislative.
* The population is 1.27 million
80% English only
9% English and french
1% other
In the winter there are often blizzards with strong winds and extreme cold temperatures because of the location in the center of North America.
Manitoba's population is christian,though more than one quarter of the population identifies as having no religious affiliation.
Ethnic Groups
22.1% English
19.1% German
18.5% Scottish
18.2% canadian
14.7% Ukrainian
13.4% irish
13.1% french
10.6% North America India

Major landforms
Manitoba supports thousands of lakes,a legacy of it's glacially impacted past.most notable is lake Winnipeg.
Animal and Plant that represents Manitoba.
Animal;bird great grey owl
Plant;flower pacific dog wood
The area planted oats, dry beans, and corn flower
Natural resources
minerals, petroleum, silver, gold, copper,and nickel.
Year of Confederation
Big Cities
Winnipeg [MB6]
morden [MB5]
flin flon (part) [MB2]
paupnin [MB1]
Winnipeg skyline is defined by many unique landmarks such as the towering spire of the esplanade Riel.
Interesting facts
Manitoba is one of the three prairie Provence in Canada; it is located in the center of Canada.
Canada confederation(french confederation comedienne) was the process by which the fedral pomade of Canada was formed on July 1, 1867.
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