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Effy Pantechis

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Sports

Elite Players
Drug Policy
Most historians believe tennis originated in France from a 12th century French game called paume meaning palm (Wikipedia, 2013) .
Racquets where introduced in the 16th century and the game became known as tennis (Wikipedia, 2013).
Tennis was originally popular in England and France and was played indoors where the ball would be hit against a wall.
The current world number one ranked men's
player is Rafael Nadal (International Tennis Federation 2013).
The current world number one ranked women's
player is Serena Williams (International Tennis Federation 2013).
Roger Federer’s dominance of the men’s tennis scene since 2003 has been unprecedented.
Roger Federer has won more Slams than any other player.

Sports Themes
Who invented the game?
Where did the sport originate?
What year or century did the
sport commence?
Sports Themes
Elite Players
Who are the world's most elite players?
What are some highlights of an
elite player's achievements?
Sports Themes
How many major world tournaments are available?
Where are the major tournaments
How often are the tournaments
Sports Themes
Drug Policy
How often are players tested?
What are the consequences of a
positive result?
Sports Themes
How popular is the sport?
The four most famous world tennis tournaments
are known as the Grand Slam tournaments or simply the Majors.

The Australian Open
US Open
French Open

These tournaments are the most
significant in the world in
relationship to tradition,
world ranking, public attention and
prize money (World Tennis Association 2013).
There are four Majors and they are:
The tennis anti-doping program applies to all players
competing in tournaments sanctioned by the ITF, ATP and the WTA.
The International Tennis Federation's testing program hasn't caught any significant drug cheats. According to the ITF's own statistics, over 2,000 drug tests were conducted in 2013 and this covers more than 1,000 ranked players (International
Tennis federation 2013).
Tennis is a global sport which continues to grow in new markets.
The top ten women's players all come from different countries providing evidence of international growth (World Tennis Association 2013).
Tennis is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Basketball is believed to be invented early on 21st December, 1891. The discoverer of the game was a Canadian clergyman called James Naismith.
The game was first played in the US at the International Young Men Christian Association training school, currently called Springfield College (Morse, 1973).
Basketball is the second most popular sport
in the world.
Drug Policy
Drug Policy
Men's basketball tournaments are always held frequently at the men's college of basketball each year. The tournament is said to have been played each year since 1998, and the winner of the tournament is selected as the big champion and then receives the conference automatic bid to the NCAA men's basketball tournament.
The basketball drug policy program is said to be roughly similar with the other major North American sports leagues.
All players are subject to four random drug tests in the season from 1st October to 30th June.
All players are tested twice in the season from 1 July to 30 September.
The NBA penalty for a player found using drugs, is a possible five game suspension (The NBA and performance enhancing drugs - ESPN 2013)

There is early evidence of soccer being played as early as the 2nd and 3rd Century in China BC. People would dribble leather balls and kick them into nets on the opposite sides of each other. The early growth of modern soccer (also known as football) started in England. Early records date back to King Edward III, who in 1365 banned the sport.

The sport became extremely popular in 1815, being played in colleges.
The biggest tournament is the FIFA World Cup. It is an international tournament held every four years and has a total of 32 teams competing for first place. This tournament lasts for about a month. Every four years a different country hosts it.
UEFA European Championship is another tournament but is only based in Europe. It is also held every four years (in the even numbered year between the World Cup). The next championship will be held in France.
The use of performance enhancing drugs or "doping"in soccer is not very common. This is because of the lack of testing. However, the sport suffers from recreational drug use, such as worldwide star, Diego Maradona using cocaine in 1991.
Soccer is the world's most popular sport with 3.3 - 3.5 billion fans. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries.
The 2010 World Cup had an average of 400 million viewers per match and it was estimated that 700 million viewers would watch the Grand Final.


Badminton was adapted from the game battledore and shuttlecock, played by adults and children for 2000 years in Ancient Greece, China, Japan, India and Siam (Adams, 1980).
In the mid 1800's military officers in British India added a net to battledore and shuttlecock, and badminton was born (Wikipedia, 2013).
It has been an olympic sport since 1992, with five events: women's singles and doubles, men's singles and doubles, and mixed games.
Elite Players
The current men's world champion is Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia (Badminton World Federation, 2014).
The current women's world champion is Li Xuerui from China (Badminton World Federation, 2014).
Players from China, Denmark, and other Asian countries dominate the current world rankings.

There are several tournaments worldwide that players can enter. The most prestigious tournaments are:
The Thomas Cup - men's world team championships.
The Uber Cup - women's world team championships.
Sudirman Cup - world mixed team championships.
All of these championships are held biennially. The Thomas and Uber Cups are to be held in New Delhi this year and the Sudirman Cup was held in Malaysia in 2013 (Badminton World Federation, 2014).

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in most Asian countries.
BWF have posted numerous videos of the August 2013 championships on Youtube. The finals alone have been viewed approximately 4 million times.
Drug Policy
Each quarter the Badminton World Federation selects players for a registered testing pool (RTP), chosen because they are in the world top rankings (Badminton World Federation, 2014).
The BWF uses WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) for all aspects of drug testing, consequences and policies.
It is very rare that a player's test returns a positive result, as the BWF encourages anti-drug education through WADA when a player first begins badminton.
Elite Players
One of the greatest players of all time would be Pele. He has scored a total of 760 official goals. He was an outstanding striker and dribbler.
Cristiano Ronaldo was ranked World Number 1, for 2013 and also for the previous four years.
Roberto Baggio is widely regarded as on of the greatest Footballers. He is the only Italian to score in three World Cups and holds the highest record for most goals scored in the World Cup tournament for Italy. Baggio is famous for his missed penalty in the 1994 World Cup final. This missed penalty cost Italy the World Cup.
Elite Players
NBA history indicates that
there are three main elite players in basketball:
LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell. They were the players to win the regular season MVP award in the NBA championships in consecutive seasons (Wikipedia 2013).
Basketball is the most popular sport in
North America and Europe and its popularity
is increasing around the world.

All sources for this assignment have been checked for credibility. Checks include researching the author, date checks, review checks, publisher checks, evaluating the source's source, identifying bias and evaluating consistency.

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used throughout this presentation.
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