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St. Don Bosco

No description

Quynh Pham

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of St. Don Bosco

St. John Bosco: Patron Saint of Youth

Life Changing Dream
Determined to become a priest.
Family was poor and his stepbrother opposed his study.
Had to find work at a young age to support his own education.
Once said, "
Poverty will not stop me from becoming a priest. If I can't pay for myself, somebody else will
God sent many people to help him with his education, like Father Cafasso who taught him Latin, Italian grammar, composition, and spirituality.
Won scholarships and benefactors supported him.

learned different trades that help attract other children and help them become a better Catholic.
learned acrobatics to attract children
learned sewing, music, piano, and the violin.
read stories to entertain other people before his catechism lessons
Giovanni Bosco
on August 16, 1815 in Becchi to Francis Bosco & Margaret Bosco.
-John Bosco had one stepbrother, Anthony, and one brother, Joseph.
-Francis Bosco died when John Bosco was 2 years old.
-Mamma Margherita: tremendous influence in his life

~ The Priesthood ~
-1841: John was ordained.
-He remembered the dream that told him to take care of troubled boys...
-His lifework began with a little boy name Bartolomeo Garelli.
-He began to teach Garelli catechism. Garelli later brought his friends... After a few months, Don Bosco had 80 boys with him on Sunday!
-He started a program called "

-confession, Mass, catechism, prayers, games
-He always invited street boys to his oratory.
~ The Oratory ~
-Number of boys at his oratory grew to more than 500.
-Did not have a permanent place for them to stay.
-Neighbors complained about the boys . . . they had to move frequently.
-After moving five times, the Lord granted Don Bosco a permanent place at the Pinardi's house (where he built a chapel, workrooms, and dorms for his homeless boys).
-He offered classes in Italian, music, catechism, math, and etc.
-Don Bosco also taught his boys different trades.

~ The Boys' Spiritual Welfare ~

Don Bosco was greatly concerned about his boys' salvation.
He always told them, "Run, jump, shout. But do not sin."
He encouraged them to go to confession.
Works to form his congregation
Faced with much opposition....
1859: forms
Society of St. Francis de Sales.
Pope Pius IX approves
congregation after St. Francis de Sales
Da mihi animas cetera tolle.
Pope asks Don Bosco to do for the girls what he has done for the boys.
Don Bosco collaborated with Mary Mazarello to start a female congregation to serve the girls..
The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
(Figlie Maria Auxiliatrice)
founded in 1872
The Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) &
Daughters of Mary Help of Christian (FMA)
The Salesians Today...
SDB: 3rd largest male religious order in the world, numbering 20,000 in 128 countries
FMA: 2nd largest female religious order with 16,000 sisters in 96 countries
Preventive system of education
Reason, religion, loving kindness
Deep devotion to Mary, Help of Christians
Salesian Saints!
St. Dominic Savio
Blessed Laura Vicuna
St. Mary Mazzarello
Blessed Laura Vicuna
More Salesian Saints...
St. Dominic Savio
Follow us on:
ask us questions on todaysmeet.com/salesian!
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