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War world II project

How was the war world II like? Well, read through and find out the exciting battle arena!

Kevin.J. Chen

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of War world II project

World War II
The countries that were involved in world war II are:
U.S.A ,France ,England ,Poland Romania, Baltic
,Austria and Netherlands.
They were all on the allies side Germany and Japan were on the axes side.
Italy was fighting alone.
Holocaust- the act of the Nazi's exterminating people.

The act included the extermination of - six million Jews
- 4,500,000 from Russia, Poland, and Baltic
- 750,000 from Hungary and Romania
- 290,000 people from Germany and Austria
-105,000 from The Netherlands -90,000 from France
- 54,000 from Greece.
-nine - ten million people were killed. --- -Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, and the disabled.
Which countries were involved in world war ll?

Why people became
People became Nazis because they were forced
They were scared to lose their lives.
The Germans didn't become Nazis
Were in the party and got items
Here is a picture:
Who was Anne Frank?
1933-her family moved to Amsterdam.
They hid in her father's office.
She kept a diary about the war.
In 1944, Anne was found and captured.
They were sent to concentration camp.
Anne died at 15 years from typhus.

Written By: Kevin, Ofek, Yuval, and Kendra

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Website: Why do People become Nazis?, The Holocaust and World War II, September 3, 2013, www.scholastic.com/article/why-do-people-become-nazis
Thanks for watching!
U.S.A, Russia and England won
Many killed in the Holocaust
Anne Frank had an interesting life
People were forced to become Nazis.
World War II - one of the most important wars in history.
There were many countries involved in the War.
The Holocaust
Anne Frank's Life
Why people became Nazis
Resarch tools, why-do-people-become-nazis august/29/13,http://teacher.scholastic.com/researchtools/ articlearchives/annefrank/index.htm
1930 – 1939 World History, Holocaust
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