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The Effervescent Seven's Presentation

No description

Jennifer Williams

on 20 November 2011

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Transcript of The Effervescent Seven's Presentation

The Effervescent Six Welcome Jennifer Wayne Marc Rick Karla Literature Review Methodology Reflection Conclusion Motivation in Nature Essential Question:
How can technology be used to motivate students to be conservationists? Phase 1 ` Literature Review Challenge/Intro Lit Review Methods

Results Methodology Motivation in Career & Technical Education Pre-survey Pre-test Introduction Brainstorming Literature Review CBR Beginning Photo Elicitation Interview (PEI) process Research Methodology Post-test Create Results Conclusion Facebook Group Page Phase 2 (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Phase 1 CBR Phases Student Web Site Conclusion Results Chuck Using Technology to increase
efficiencies in the work place Audiance Literature Review Gamestar Mechanic Video Game End Result Facebook Group Page Prezi Motivate Students to Increase Literacy Skills Introduction Motivating
Collaboration Online Learning Environment
Media & Micro-Enhancements Introduction Literature
Review Methodology Reflection Conclusion FSO 2.doh! Introduction Digital Storytelling Phase 1 Phase 2 Why do we come to school? iMovie Trailer BeeDocs Timelines Digital Timelines Motivation Rethinking the role of instructor and learner! Target Audience: Third Grade Students at a public school of the Arts Technology and Motivation Phase 2
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