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Boost Rank SEO

No description

Mike Evans

on 21 June 2012

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Transcript of Boost Rank SEO

Google Places Optimization
Similar to search engine optimization but not the same
Say you're looking for a plumber
You don't want results from all over the internet.
What good is a plumber in New York to you?
Google places searches for businesses in your area that match your keywords
So when I search for "Jacksonville plumber", this is what I get.
Listings from around me that include the name, phone number, address, and reviews of that business.
So how does that help you?
The internet has become today's Yellow Pages
95% of consumers use online media to research products and services in their local area.
80% of U.S. Households now use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally.
80% of local searchers will follow up with a phone call or visit to the listing that stands out best.
90% of searchers won’t look past page one of the search results page.
Let's look at some hard numbers
Back to our plumber example. How many people do you think search for a plumber every month?
EVERY month, over 8,000 people search for a plumber in Jacksonville
And if you aren't on the first page, 90% of potential customers wont see you
The best part is, compared to other advertising, Google Places Optimization is a fraction of the price. Google Places Optimization and SEO have the best ROI of any advertising medium.
Imagine that. Real, targeted customers for less money!
We can help
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