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Gesture Drawing

No description

Rachael Burriss

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing
What is Gesture Drawing?
Gestural drawing, especially in figure drawing often uses circular, flowing marks, perhaps because of the rounded human form. You can, however, use other kinds of marks in gesture drawing.
The How
1. Select a subject (still life-zoom in and fill the paper; figure-capture the movement of the subject)
2. Observe your subject (use your eyes as a lens)
3. Find the line of the subject and follow it with drawn contour lines
4. Keep your hand moving
5. Set a time limit for yourself
Steps in Gesture Drawing
Types of Gesture Drawing
A gesture drawing is the representation of the essence of an object’s or figure’s position.

It is the act of creating a drawing or sketch with a loose grip and movement of the drawing tool used.
Line Gesture
Line & Mass Gesture
Scribble Gesture
Sketchbook Homework
In your sketchbook as practice, you will be creating a gesture drawing that is actually several drawings in one. You will be capturing the movement of something in one drawing but drawing a variety of the movements.
Visual Movement Drawing
Watch a video of something and pause it at different times to get the sense of movement when drawn.
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