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How to make a hockey stick

No description

Bruce Cruz

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of How to make a hockey stick

How Hockey Sticks are made! The Materials Fiber Glass Wood Glue The Steps Custom Stick Blades Step 1 The shaft is made out of Poplar After they get the poplar, glue two thin strips of birch Step 2 After the glue dries, they cut the piece of wood into three pieces that looks like the shaft of a stick When they get the amount of shafts they want they put them all in a precision sander, to smoothen it. Step 3 After the shaft has been smoothened, they have to reinforce it with fiberglass (which they glue on) Then they heat it in a press heated at 80 degrees for 12 minutes Step 4 After they put the shafts in a milling machine to curve up the edges They bring it to a second sanding and add the textures Step 5 For the blade they use a block of wood which is glued with a waterproof glue to the shaft of the stick After the glue dries, they cut a slit in the block of wood so the actual blade can fit in. Step 6 When they make the actual blade they insert it immediately while its glued Right after that step it is sanded/squished together to thin them Step 7 They have a computer programmed machine that cuts the stick into the actual shape, of a hockey stick Step 8 They steam about 8-10 sticks (at a time) for about one minute to moisten the sticks to make it flexible and to help curve the sticks. Step 9 While the stick is still moist they put in a curve mold for 50 seconds at 55 degrees Then the curve is custom adjusted depending on the curve they want. Step 10 The stick is sanded down once again to adjust the width of the stick Once there done with that they put another layer of fiberglass to reinforce it Step 11 They sand them one more time before finish Then they dip it in a glossy liquid Final Step (12) They add the colour
the company logo Thank You and The End
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