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Urinary System - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

No description

Jill Hoffman

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Urinary System - 7th Grade Brawley Middle

Urinary System Disposal of Wastes Urinary System -
disposes of liquid waste from blood Respiratory System -
disposes of water vapor and gases from blood. Digestive System -
disposes of solid wastes from food. Skin -
releases wastes through sweat glands. Removal of Waste from Blood Kidneys located to the rear of the abs on each side of spine. function as filters filter chemical waste from blood Sends waste down two tubes called ureters Ureters two tubes bring waste to bladder Bladder storage sac stores liquid waste wall made of smooth muscle Urethra carries urine outside the body contains voluntary muscles allows urethra to stay closed until muscles are released Kidneys as Filters Nephron blood filters fluid & sent to nephron through glomerulus some nutrients then absorbed into blood some water filters out most water returned to blood waste products travel through nephron to collecting duct Urine passes out of kidney into ureters Water Balance amount of water in cells affects homeostasis too much water = swelling too litter water = cell processes interference ~1 liter water leaves body every day
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