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What is culture?

Jenn Kathen-Grogan

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Culture

What is Culture? Culture is a way of life shared by a group of people and is
made up of a number of things such as: the way people obtain their food the way people bring up their children Cultures change over time... Imagine the way things were
when your grandparents were your
age. How has our culture changed
since then? language: religion: social practices: shared experiences and activities: Culture has many elements: forms of shelter: economic activities: education systems: art, music and dance Often, culture is connected to a certain
place... Use page 247-252 in the text.

Your job is to answer these questions:
1.) Why is language an important part of culture?

2.) Give 2 examples of how denying a group their language
has had negative effects.

3.) Why is religion an important part of culture?

4.) What can happen when cultures meet?

5.) Why might a country want to remain isolated?

6.) Why do cultures change?

7.) Give and explain 2 examples of how cultural groups
have been destroyed in the past.

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