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Sustainable Building Materials

Look at characteristics of a range of building materials

jenna iliopoulos

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Sustainable Building Materials

Design Sustainable Buildings Materials Overview Bricks Concrete Glass Roof Tiles Timber Plasterboard Metals Composition Materials Sandstone Coated Glass Gas Filled Window Photovoltaic Windows Terracotta Tile Concrete Tile Slate Tile Timber Flooring Timber Framing The End Jenna Iliopoulos One of the most sustainable Products
100% recyclable
Produced in highly effeciant kilns
High thermal mass
Maintenance free
Embodied energy: 2.5MJ/kg
Not recyclable
High thermal mass
Weak insulator
Low porosity
Fairly low embodied energy
Naturaly occuring
Low embodied energy:
Imported- 6.8MJ/kg

During summer moths treated glass is alot more sustainable then untreated
during winter months glazed or tinted windows can work against you
Embodied energy:
Tinted- 14.9MJ/kg
Laminated- 16.3MJ/kg
Gas filled windows are non-toxic
Photovoltaic windows are very expensive and if positioned incorectly can be use-less

Low embodied energy:
Kiln dried- 2.0MJ/kg
Air dried- 0.4MJ/kg
Better Insulator then concrete

Great conductors of heat
generally have high embodied energy
100% recyclable

Roof Tiles are long lasting
High thermal mass
Can be light in colour to reflect solar heat
Can be made of recycled materials
Boral ENVIRO regular plasterboard was used in Mirvacs Harmony 9 home
Embodied energy:4.4MJ/kg
Made from 2 or more constitute materials such as plywood or MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Embodied energy:10.4MJ/kg
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