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Sixties Scoop

No description

Natalia Lee

on 8 March 2017

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Transcript of Sixties Scoop

Sixties Scoop
What is the Sixties Scoop?
1961 - 1980
Describes period in Aboriginal history
Aboriginal children were removed from their families and places in non- Aboriginal environments
Text to Text Connection
"the mass removal of Aboriginal children from their families into the child welfare system, in most cases without the consent of their families
Why Did This Happen?
The government deemed the mothers of the children unfit to raise them
All in attempt to assimilate aboriginal people and culture
Text to World
Issue in New Zealand
Children are taken out of the country to limit the interactions between the child and a parent
Removal from their culture vs. removal from their parent
"Aboriginal children were seized and taken from their homes and placed, in most cases, into middle-class Euro-Canadian families."
Common case of discrimination
Relates to the issue in America
People being uncomfortable with different cultures and races
Text to Self
"In many cases, our children are taught to demean those things about themselves that are Aboriginal."
Social Issues
Fitting in
Hiding aspects of oneself
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