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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Now, let's talk about relative pronouns.
In a single sentence, they join a dependent clause to an antecedent in the independent clause.
Warm Up
Write a sentence with who and write a sentence with whom.
They both refer to people, but who is a subject (doing an action) and whom is going to be a DO, IO, or OP
Who refers to people who do the action
Whom refers to people who are objects or verbs or OPs
That refers to people, animals, or things
What usually refers to people, but can be places or things that are owned
Which refers to animals, places, or things in a group.
1. My mother, who loves to be in the kitchen, is a great cook.
2. The neighbors to whom we gave gifts were grateful.
3. The puppy that has blue eyes is the cutest one.
4. A career as a personal trainer, which doesn't always make a lot of money, is one of the more rewarding careers.
5. Stores whose sales are beneficial to customers make a lot of money.
6. The players whose bags are on the bus are practicing.

Complete exercises 1 and 2 on page 49.
Now, let's FINALLY get back to biographies. Complete the vocabulary for our next story, "Excerpt from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
Now, you have 20 minutes to read "Black Boy".
read "Black Boy" and do central idea questions.
IXL level 8 c.9 and c.10
vocab ch 10 due Friday
Who, Whom, That, Whose, Which
The Students, whose work is perfect, study in the library.
"Whose work is perfect" refers to students
The boy has a ball that glows in the dark.
"that glows in the dark" refers to ball.
The players who work hard get trophies.
"Who work hard" refers to players.
Who v Whom
The Native Americans who helped colonists survive are very important in history.
Who helped colonists refers to Native Americans, and native Americans is a subject in the dependent clause
Sheila is the girl whom you invited to the party.
Whom you invited to the party refers to Sheila, but YOU is the subject of the dependent clause.
So, you have to figure out who you are referring to and if the person is the subject of the dependent clause. SUBJECTS USE WHO
Remember you can try looking at the word after the blank. If it's a verb, you probably need WHO.
Identify the dependent clause and its antecedent.
Identify the clause, select who or whom, and identify the antecedent.
1. The fireman (whom/who) carries the hose moves quickly to the fire.
2. Paul (who/whom) I like to visit has great video games.
3. The teacher (whom/who) you listen to is Mr. Johnson.
4. The ballerinas (whom/who) know the dance leave class early.
5. The players to (who/whom) the coach gave uniforms are on the team.
6. Pam who/whom sings well practices every day.
7. Randy (whom/who) you gave the notes to lost the notes.
8. The girl with (whom/who) you run is very thin.

Now, let's get back to our webquest
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