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LCDC Immunization Process Overview

No description

DOH Immunization

on 22 June 2018

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Transcript of LCDC Immunization Process Overview

DOH Immunization LCDC Mission
To prevent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in the District’s 0 to 5 year old population by ensuring that every child in every Licensed Childcare Development Center (LCDC) is up to date with their immunizations

DOH Immunization LCDC Vision
To ensure that every Licensed Childcare Development Center (LCDC) has access to DOCIIS and uses DOCIIS year-round to track immunization compliance for the children in their center or home
Notify us that new children have entered AND that children have left your facility.

How should you notify DOH of roster changes?
At the end of the week, notify DOH by sending an email to
with the subject line: “Roster Update for Insert LCDC Name Here”.

This is considered an Unofficial Roster Update. These ensure that the weekly immunization compliance reports you receive from DOH are meaningful.
Send immunization updates for all children in your LCDC at the end the week you receive them.

How will you know which students in your facility are due for immunizations or need to submit immunzation records?
Get access to DOCIIS by enrolling in a DOCIIS training.

Use DOCIIS to identify the students who are coming due for immunizations, who are overdue for immunization or who simply need to have their immunization records sent to DOH.
LCDC prepares for this day by updating the 2015 LCDC Official Roster Template provided by your Assigned DOH Immunization Public Health Analyst.

You do NOT have to send Lead or TB information.
LCDC sends over their Official Roster
on or after the first day of their Assessment Period
Contact Us
Sonya Williams (LCDCs in Wards 2,4,6 and 8)
Jackie Robinson (LCDCs in Wards 1,3,5 and 7)
Never seen this before? Email
to have your email address added to our contact list.
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