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25th anniversary

Mom and Dad's Timeline

Amee Patel

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of 25th anniversary

To Mom and Dad Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Maariage Childhood (1989-92) OFF to Canada December 3rd 2000
Flight Taken Off Last Couple of days In India Daakorr Trip, Last day in India Stay Tune So Let us take you to your LIFE Journey once again! LIFE is not measured by the number of breaths we take... but by the number of Moments that takes our breath Away At Saraspur Municipal Hospital, Ahmedabad
(Near Sarangpur Station) April 5th 1957 Aanand Prathmik Shala Marriage "talks" Starts.. 1957 1961 1987 Youngest son of Narsinhbhai and Savitaben was Born... VIPUL (DAD) STORY BEGINS in... Balmandir to 4th Standard Attended at: 1966 School:
5th Standard
to 12th Standard Attended at: Sardar Patel and Swamivivekanand Highschool, Vasantnagar Lived at - Raipur, Saamadani Por 1962 Moved to Karnavati House 1967-72 1973 March 18th 1966 Attended at: AUGUST 2nd 1987 1966 1987 Oldest Daughter of Vallavbhai and Puspaben was born... JIGNA (MOM) At Vansoli, in the evening (6-8pm) January 24th 1988 1969 1st time School - Balmandir Bhakta prahlad society - Khokhara Ghaam 1977 Moved to Bapunagar 1971 1st and 2nd standard Attended at:
Kalyan High School,
Khokhara From 3rd to 10th standard: Shreeji Vidhyalay 1973 1981 1983 1977 Attended 1st Year College at: Amdavad Arts and Science College 1974 Attended 2nd and 3rd Year College at: H. A. College (Commerce), Lawgarden 1971 January 1971:
Purchased and Moved to ISANPUR 1978 April 1978: Dada (BHAI) Passed Away Hence, Wrote final Year College Exams in October 1978 OCTOBER 1978: Graduation with Commerce Degree College Memories: Whole Day: attend College, talk to friends, go out with friends
10pm-5am: study for college courses with friends
5am - 7am: Sleep time In other words, full enjoyment, study hard and no sleep :) 1979 Working days Begin... Started Working 1st JOB: Maneklal Harilal Mills 1978-87 AUGUST 2nd 1987 For Standard 11-12 Attended school at: J. N. Baalika Vidhyalay, Saraspur Finished High School
& College Starts! College Attended: Amdavad Science College R. G. Shah Science College, Vasna, Ahmedabad Beg Year of 1987: MLT completed Mahagujarat Hospital, Nadiad Engagement Marriage "talks" Starts.. Engagement Honeymoon Trip to Goa During the time of Rathyatra Children Born The 1990's Parth's Badha Vadthal, Arjaymata Mandir Trip to Somnath Story Continues in CANADA
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