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Marketing Research - the first steps

Marketing research for DRIK, Dhaka Bangladesh

Johan Hahn

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Research - the first steps

First steps to success in marketing and sales... What do we need to achieve that goal? Brief 1. Product knowledge
2. Customer knowledge Researching public sources
Doing customer interviews
Doing customer surveys
By doing marketing tests
By doing follow up research
etc. By doing Marketing Research Market research takes time!
But you can start today
Plan in it your daily working process
Do never forget to put the findings in the CRM database 1. An up to date CRM database
2. Product knowledge (internally collected)
3. Customer knowledge (externally collected)
Hard data
Soft data (changing)
4. Our product knowledge consists of:
General knowledge about all DRIK products
Specific knowledge about your departments products I repeat the basic law of professional marketing:
All customer knowledge has to be in a CRM database! Where do we find the knowledge we need? 1. Within Drik: we have to share our 'personal' business knowledge
2. Outside Drik: Public business information sources How do we share knowledge? Which means: by filling the CRM Database 'daily' and using it 'daily' How can we fill the CRM database? Marketing research is "the function that links the products, the consumers, the customers and the public to the marketer through information —
information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems;
generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions;
monitor marketing performance;
and improve understanding of marketing as a process.
Marketing research
specifies the information required to address these issues,
designs the method for collecting information,
manages and implements the data collection process,
analyzes the results, and
communicates the findings and their implications." Sources, such as:
Yellow Pages
Business Info Center
Annual Reports
Journals, weekly's etc.
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc
Personal meetings
Competitors (!)
Attending meeting, congress etc
etc. etc. Asking the right question:
No proper question means
no proper answer
Ask your contact person
What do you want to know?
Get introduced to ...
What would you ask him or her?
Be prepared Mind!
A survey has to be very well prepared and tested before being used! Is Drik ...
A weak bunch of loose selfish specialists (photographers, videomakers, printer/editors, expo etc)...?
One strong organisation with several cooperating specialists?

Drik is and should be:
A strong high quality multi-media organisation
Producing different (interdependent) multi-media products (photo, video, print, expo etc) that
Uniting these products into one instrument to serve its customers
By offering the best solutions for their multi-media questions
At an acceptable price.
... So every of Drik staff members can sell all of Driks products (not only those of for his own department), because he knows about all Drik's products and he has access to all customer knowledge. THE FIRST LAW OF MARKETING AND SALES

All customer data and all customer contacts (phone call, e-mail, visit, contract, accidental meeting, etc.) are in one common CRM Database!!!
This means that a report of every customer contact has to be in the CRM database.

THERE IS NO EXCEPTION and NO EXCUSE! What do we want? We want to be successful in marketing and sales Why is that important? To answer that question:
let's see what Drik is If Drik is what I think it is meant to be there is one basic law of marketing and sales: Remember: all Driks product can be interlinked. They are part of one family of multi media products Personal (departmental) knowledge has to become common knowledge By making it common in a common database Why is all this? Because Marketing Research learns you to know
your products
your customers,
your markets,
your competitors
your chances
your challenges
and lots more you'll need to sell your beloved products ... Because ...
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