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Manufacturing of a Playstation 4

No description

Rowland Smith

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Manufacturing of a Playstation 4

How is it Used?
The PlayStation 4 is used an all purpose mode of entertainment, being able to play video games, and watch movies on it. It is also internet accessible, allowing you to get everything you need done in the comfort of your own couch
Where is it Built?
The PlayStation 4 is manufactured in Tokyo,Japan at one of Sony's major headquarters. As for materials, they come from all over the world.
What Materials are Used to Build it?
The raw materials that are used to create Sony's PlayStation 4 are hard plastics such as poly carbonates and aluminum, electronic wiring, hard drives, the sweat and tears of many Japanese men, and most importantly, imagination!
What is it?
The PlayStation 4 is a product of Sony. It is the 4th generation of the PlayStation game console.
A PlayStation 4
Manufacturing of a PlayStation 4
This product gets to its consumers (buyers) by being shipped to distributors, ( Wal-mart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us) and many other stores that carry Sony products.
How Does it Get to the Consumer?
The PlayStation 4 Being Revealed to the Public
This product caught our eyes because it is a large milestone in the video game industry, and it shows how well technology is evolving today.

Also The Last of Us is a great game and is on the Play Station.

Why Did You Choose This Object?
Imagination ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By: Rowland Smith & Marquis Tumpkin
Rowland & Marquis's
Emotions Towards
This Project
How is it Made?
We could not find the information, but it is assumed that it follows the standard procedure for building any electronic software / console.
The End
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