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Headphones Final Presentation

VSU Students and their Consumer Behavior Towards Headphones

DeMara Harris

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Headphones Final Presentation

VSU Students
and their Consumer Behavior Towards

Step 1: Need and Need Recognition
Step 2: Information Search
Step 4: Purchase
Step 5: Post Purchase Behavior
DeMara Harris
Alana Dawson
Jaznee Wilson
Sarah Etuk

Our Consumers Need and Need Recognition
Questions we asked involving
Need and Need Recognition
What makes you purchase headphones?
What do you use your headphones for?
How often do you use your headphones daily?
What are you usually doing while wearing your headphones?
Information and Search Behaviors
refers to the behaviors that consumers engage as they in as they seek information that can be used to satisfy needs.
Questions we asked involving Search Behaviors
What brands come to mind when you think of quality headphones.
Information and Search Table
Multi Atrribute Table
Step 3: Evaluation
Perceptual Map
Ongoing search
Pre purchase search
Internal Source
External Source
Consideration set
Evaluative Criteria
Determinant Attribute
Rate those brands on a scale from 1-10 on price, quality, style, durability, and comfort.
What source do you use to get information about beats?
Actual State
: perceived current state
Desired State:
perceived state for which the consumer strives
evaluating the
of the product once it has been consumed/used (Costs and Benefits, Reaction, and Value)

Conclusion and Recommendations
Interesting findings
Only one person found Brand to be important
No one has spent over $350 on headphones
Most go for durability
Recommendations & Conclusions
Questions we asked
How much do you generally spend on headphone/ ear buds?
Where do you go/ shop to purchase headphones/ ear buds?
How do you generally purchase your headphones/ ear buds?
Our Consumers Purchase Behavior
Purchase Decision Making Process
Step 1: Need & Need Recognition
Step 2: Information search
Step 3: Evaluation
Step 4: Purchase
Step 5: Post Purchase Behavior

Need is recognized when a consumer perceives a difference between an
actual state
and a
desired state.
Our Presentation will consist of:
Conclusion and Recommendations
Under 50
Meaning of quality has changed
Purchase is based on accessibility rather than price
Audience prefers BEATS by Dre!
Word of Mouth
Listening stations
Celebrity Endorsements

A consumers actual
state doesn't change
but its desire state does...
Price & Durability
& Versatility

Using headphones more than 8 times a day
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