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WEB310 Case Study

Introduction to: Angry Birds

Nicky Veitch

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of WEB310 Case Study

Nicky Veitch | WEB310 Case Study
Introduction to: Angry Birds

Angry Birds
is a very simple game
to play.
Subsequent levels of the game become more challenging,
By 2015,
the original
Angry Birds game
had been downloaded
more than

The popularity
of Angry Birds
led to the creation of
a franchise
which includes not only
smartphone games,
Angry Birds
was designed to appeal
Social & Cultural
It is an example of the
Casual game design
generally includes flexibility
Casual games
generally incorporate
several key elements,

The level ratings
ensure beginners can finish easily,
Every action a player makes
results in positive feedback,
Angry Birds was
initially created in 2009
Business Model
On the Apple App Store
is a free “lite” version,
which includes in-app advertising
and has limited levels.
Otherwise, it costs
On the Android
Google Play Store platform,
the paid download option was
not effective.
There are now
Angry Birds games
for gaming consoles
such as Playstation, Xbox
and Nintendo.
There is also a
social version
of Angry Birds for
The Angry Birds
series of games
have been downloaded
These app store
distribution channels,
combined with
Rovio’s own websites,
mean that distribution costs
are low.
Rovio have employed
a very successful business model
for the Angry Birds
A player can achieve a rating of one, two or three stars on each level.
game genre.
for an outlay of €100,000.
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(Rovio.com, 2015a)
Image courtesy of:
is a touchscreen-based video game for smartphones and tablets.
It was created in 2009
by a Finnish
computer company called
Rovio Entertainment.
It was initially developed
for the Apple iPhone
smartphone ...
but is now available
for most smartphone
and tablet platforms,
including Android
and Windows Phone.
Following the success
of the original game,
The aim is to
fire a slingshot
to launch Angry Birds
at pigs...
using a finger on a touchscreen
to try to score points.
Points are gained based on:
- the number of pigs destroyed,
- the number of surrounding
structures destroyed, and
- the number of birds used
on each level.
and different types of birds become available,
which enable a player to perform new and more difficult tasks.
This increasing difficulty
means that Angry Birds
can cater to both
beginner and
advanced players.
Angry Birds
was made possible by
the introduction of
Apple’s iPhone smartphone,
and the Apple App Store,
in 2007.
The App Store
enabled game developers
to utilise
Apple’s distribution platform
700 million

to everybody.
that allows different players
to use a game
in different ways.
The first
casual games
which reached a
broad audience
were relatively simple games
such as
Pac-Man, Tetris
and Solitaire.
Bright colours
and a simple theme
Easy to play and use,
even for beginners,
It is easy to spend
a small amount of time playing
and return later,
Positive Feedback
to download
a full version of the game
with no advertisements.
So Rovio chose to create
a free, ad-supported
model instead.
and a Chrome browser extension
Rovio's revenue is from:
- purchasing the game
- ads displayed within the game
- merchandise, including toys and clothing
- movie tie-ins such as Rio and Star Wars
- clicks from YouTube videos
- and in 2016 Rovio will release
an Angry Birds feature film
During 2014 alone,
Rovio reported full year revenue of
€158.3 million
So it might be
“just a game”...
But Rovio is
one of the most successful
game creators in the world.
And Angry Birds
is one of the most
lucrative games.
there are
now several
versions of
Angry Birds
games available.
(AngryBirds.com, 2015)
How to Play
Image courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:
Angry Birds TM
Image courtesy of:
Angry Birds TM
(Cheshire, 2011)
Image courtesy of:

Image courtesy of:
but also merchandise
and videos.
Image courtesy of:
(Juul, 2010)
(Juul, 2010)
(Juul, 2010) Images courtesy of:
Image courtesy of:
more than 2 billion times
since 2009.
(Cheshire, 2011)
(Anderson, 2012)
(Cheshire, 2011)
(Juul, 2010)
(Juul, 2010)
(Juul, 2010)
(Juul, 2010)
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to easily reach
millions of players via
a single company.
without having to start over
each time.
while simultaneously being
challenging enough
to maintain interest.
to promote a
or friendly feel.
while also allowing advanced users
to aim for
three stars and a
higher score.
both in the form of points gained
and also by
providing positive responses
to player actions.
This work was created under the auspices of the Australian Commonwealth Consolidated Acts Copyright Act 1968 – SECT 41, utilising the “Fair dealing for purpose of criticism or review” exception.

It was created for a university assignment for Curtin University, unit WEB310 – “Web Play, Online Games and Gamification”.

I acknowledge Rovio Entertainment as the creator and owner of all Angry Birds-related material provided herein.

My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair dealing under Australian copyright laws.

“A fair dealing with a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, or with an adaptation of a literary, dramatic or musical work, does not constitute an infringement of the copyright in the work if it is for the purpose of criticism or review, whether of that work or of another work, and a sufficient acknowledgement of the work is made.”

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