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The Color Purple Presentation

No description

Ruth Schaefer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Color Purple Presentation

Connections Summary Celie is a young African American woman who lives in the South in the 1930s.
Her childhood is characterized by abuse from her father and is soon married off to a man she calls Mr._____
In her new life, Celie takes on the traditional role of a housewife and is subjected to her husband's abuse.
Things change when Mr._____'s former lover, Shug Avery, comes to town and changes Celie's life forever. About the Author - Born in Georgia to a poor family of sharecroppers and maids
- Youngest of eight children. Eye Injury from playing with brothers at age eight
- Attended segregated schools and became valedictorian of her graduating class
- Studied Abroad in Africa during College
- Worked as a social worker, teacher, motivational speaker and civil rights activist
- Married Melvyn Leventhal in 1967, had one daughter, and divorced in 1976 A Classic Novel - Explores the topic of homosexuality By Alice Walker The Color Purple - Discusses sexual abuse - Challenges traditional gender roles Connections Thematic Similarities to The Poisonwood Bible:
Work as a missionary
Failure to "convert' the Africans
Gradual change in/loss of faith
Contrasts between Africa and America - Explores the theme of racism Themes Finding your own place in the world
Overcoming adversity
Dealing with discrimination
Defying gender roles
Importance of love Stylistic Similarities to Jane Eyre:
use of blanks
reasons behind these techniques Sofia's similarities to other characters:
Rosaleen ("The Secret Life of Bees")
Minny ("The Help") http://animoto.com/play/vguIVIAs98You5CiGMq8xg# The Notebook Noah writes letters to Allie daily
Allie's mother hides the letters
Allie thinks Noah no longer loves her The Color Purple Nettie often writes letters to Celie
Mr. _____ hides the letters
Celie thinks Nettie is dead The Color Purple Celie plans to leave Mr. _____ and travel to Memphis
Mr. _____ tells her she is worthless and will never amount to anything if she leaves
Celie creates a happier life for herself in the north Survivor - Destiny's Child Beyonce is being held back by a man and plans to leave him
He tells her she will be nothing without him
She leaves him anyways and creates a happier life for herself as a single lady The Color Purple Celie gives birth at a very young age
Her father takes the children
Celie finds out years later that her children are not, in fact, dead Tampa Bay Newspaper Joy Burton gives birth to her daughter in 1979
The child is 'kidnapped' by the babysitter
Burton fights a legal case for her daughter many years later
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