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No description

Thea Waller

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Careers

Home Care Worker
A home care worker is a person who comes to your house to look after you, when you are in need of assistance but don't want to go to a nursing home. Normally children with elder parents will hire a home care worker to come and assist their parents if they don't have time to do so themselves.
Why a home Care worker?
Home care workers help people, who are unable to care for themselves any more. I like to help people who can't do something by themselves because they have already helped so many people. They have already changed somebody's life. I want to change somebody's life, by doing something that they will remember and something that will help them.
Home Care Worker
To become a home care worker, you do not need a formal education, but most have a high school diploma. You are required to have a criminal record check, and a vulnerable sector check, along with immunizations and completion of a first aid course.
A paramedic is an health care professional who specializes in immediate care, in situations where a person needs to get help, but also needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible.
Why a paramedic?
Paramedics get to help people in need, which i love to do, and believe is very important. I didn't pay much attention to the immediate help they provided until I watch a show called "Chicago Fire." This is a show about firemen and paramedics, who are in fire house 51. The paramedics, are there to assist with car crash's, fire's, allergic reactions, pretty much anything that can hurt you. Here's a quick film, from the show, that shows what paramedics do, and how they help.

Home Care Worker
My career interest include:
A paramedic, or
A home care worker
Careers That Interest Me
By: Thea Waller
To become a paramedic you need a grade 12 or equivalent with credits at or above the general level, grade 12 academic science and English, minimum of 70%, your grade 11 academic math, minimum of 65%, completion of two reference forms, work related, a Criminal Record Check,
valid class 4 Driver’s License, a current CPR – Basic Rescuer Level C and a Standard First Aid certificate from a recognized First Aid/CPR Trainer.
Current WHMIS certificate, Immunization Form,
Resume including work and volunteer experience, associations or athletics, awards academic or athletic, and any other information about yourself that's relevant.
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