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15 Things About Learning English

Basic pointers for English language learners in school today.

Bob Tyler

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of 15 Things About Learning English

15 Things About Being an English Language Learner 1. It's OK to not talk. 2. It's OK just to smile. 3. You can use pictures to communicate. 4. Make a friend who speaks your native langauge. 5. Start with listening. 6. Then try speaking. 7. A picture book can help you read. 8. Do you know the alphabet? 9. Practice writing your "ABC"s. 10. Then try writing words 11. Computers can help you. 12. So can watching TV or listening to music. 13. Take a break and rest your mind. 14. It's OK to make mistakes. 15. Be patient...
this will take time!
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