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H&M Life: The Analysis of a Fashion Website

Indg. 302 Final Project

Hayley Maxwell

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of H&M Life: The Analysis of a Fashion Website

Pulling from "High Fashion"
Trends from the runway Content Goals of the H&M Brand H&M Life provides the audience with an overview of the fashion world from current trends to the newest items released by the brand. However, it is important to keep in mind that this fashion insight and advice is either directly or indirectly correlated to the promotion of the H&M brand itself.

The reoccurring theme throughout this daily blog is the intention to transcend the barrier between the runway and street fashion. H&M seeks to provide its customers with fashionable dress at an affordable price and allow those fashion forward people to experiment with the current trends. One term that is used repeatedly is "accessibility," the idea of anyone having the ability to partake in fashion by providing them with on trend products that can be combined with old or new items at any price. Furthermore, there is a distinct importance laid upon being a conscious consumer, it seems as if through H&M Life the brand is promoting a lifestyle rather than just a clothing brand. They are attempting to appeal to the younger generation that seems to be more concerned with what the clothing stands for than its pure aesthetics. The Analysis of a Fashion Website Promoting You, Promoting Me Political Concern for environmental issues
Connection to what the target audience is interested in and cares about
Emphasis on Eco-Awareness
Buzz words like "Sustainability" frequently used
The H&M Conscious Collection
Creating a line of clothing for fashion forward cyclists by teaming up with a bike brand in which the company tested the clothing line for functionality (menswear only, brings up question of gendering, only men perceived to be active)
Iris Marion Young's article supports this theory as women are often not considered active subjects
Promoting a "GREEN" option Celebrity The use of celebrity is varied throughout the H&M Life blog in order to promote the brand:

Taylor Swift used to showcase style trends however, she was not wearing any of the brands clothing
The article made use of this by featuring their own products that would help the consumer achieve her look
David Beckham was part of a celebrity design and endorsement of male underwear for H&M
The brands advertisements, although for menswear, were clearly aimed at a heterosexual female audience, using sex to further promote their brand while simultaneously limiting their reach to a heterosexual crowd
Supermodels that are part of the advertising for the H&M brand are also used on the blog to promote the clothing they are modeling
This acts to legitimize the brand as desirable Blogs & Designers Throughout the H&M Life website the brand employs the strategy of featuring other blogs and bloggers to draw attention to their brand. This essentially creates a mutually beneficial relationship where smaller blogs get recognition for promoting H&M products.

Another strategy evident on the website is its use of high end designers. The brand draws upon the designers in order to legitimize they advice and insight provided by the writers of H&M Life. It is important to realize the ability to do this comes from the fact that these high end designers are not the competition for H&M. They are providing consumers that don't have access to haute couture the opportunity to venture into fashion. Designer Complex Celebrity Collaboration Concluding Information Designer Celebrity Current Events Inspiration: * ACCESSIBILITY OF THE BRAND * Individuality and Connection H&M provides consumers with the ability to create their own sense of style and personality at an easily accessible level
As George Simmel emphasizes in the "Philosophy of Fashion" H&M provides space for differentiation while simultaneously providing an area for connection among consumers
Shoppers are able to distinguish their individuality in fashion and dress yet connect with others through the experience of shopping at an affordable location that almost everyone has access to
Fashion itself provides the consumer with the ability to construct their identity, therefore making it important that H&M supplies this at an affordable price
Tiffany Ludwig reiterates this through her article by expressing the idea that identities change over time and that fashion is a way in which this is expressed Designer Collaboration H&M has created numerous relationships with haute couture designers in an attempt to elevate the brand. Everyone from Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Versace and Jimmy Choo have collaborated with the brand to provide the consumer with an affordable option of their high end designs.

However, this begs the question of whether or not the collaboration detracts from the value of the high end brand as it makes the name more accessible to the public or if it benefits the brand by providing it with publicity and a greater audience. News
Paparazzi Chic
Ways to Wear it
Style Insight
Trend Report
Get the Look
Store Opening
H&M Street H&M Life Guide to...
H&M Fashion
H&M Life Video
My Favorites
Look Book
Quick Tip
New Collection CATWALK STREET Supermodels/Celebrities
High end designer labels Hayley Maxwell,
Emily Kandborg and Michelle Louie

GWST. 495 H
March. 19th, 2013. Furthermore, H&M has collaborated with celebrities such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue. This is legitimizing celebrities and artists as authorities in fashion. Consumers look to celebrities for inspiration and H&M Life plays into this through their blog, emphasizing artists as the future of fashion. Powerful and influential brand
Ability to position itself as a fashion authority (exercised through the H&M Life fashion blog on their website)
Utilizes high-end designer brand power as well as celebrity influence to legitimize the H&M Life website
Attempts to bridge the gap for fashionista's between the haute couture of runway fashion and wearable street wear
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