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The Stasi: East German Secret Police

No description

Allison Van Diest

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of The Stasi: East German Secret Police

The Stasi: East German Secret Police
- very large organization
- up to 91,015 full time employees
-network of 189, 000 unofficial collaborators who informed on people they knew
What attracted Stasi interest?
- open resistance

- lots of interest in western society (not conforming)

- group gatherings not sanctioned by the government
Markus Wolf
Stasi Headquarters in Berlin
Erich Mielke
- Named the Ministry for State Security or Ministerium für Staatssicherheit

-Established on February 8th, 1950, shortly after the establishment of the German Democratic Republic

- internal security and police apparatus based off of the Kommisariat 5, modeled off of the KGB
Departments Within the Stasi
- Administration 12
- Administration 2000
- Administration for Security of Heavy Industry and Research
- Main Administration for Security of the Economy
- Division of Garbage Analysis
- Felix Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment
- Main Administration for Reconnaissance
- Main Administration for Struggle Against Suspicious Persons
- Main Coordinating Administration of the Ministry for State Security
- Main Department for Communications Security and Personnel Protection
- Penal System


- bugged rooms

- searched apartments and houses
-had people followed

- had the power to arrest people for any reason

- interrogation and imprisonment as they saw fit
-domestic political surveillance
-tried to infiltrate every aspect of daily life
-including personal relationships
-infiltrated societal institutions
-foreign espionage
-gathered intelligence through the Main Administration for Foreign Intelligence branch
-mostly against the West German government and NATO
-known for kidnapping escaped East German officials and bringing them back
Associated Groups
- The KGB had officers in each department of the Stasi until it was shut down, even though it had been independent since 1957.

- Said to have worked with the Red Army Faction, a terrorist group in West Germany, and the Palestine Liberation Organization.
- known as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of the Cold War
- files on citizens are now available for the public to peruse
- many Stasi officials were punished for their crimes after the end of the GDR in 1990 with the fall of the Soviet Union
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