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Housing and Residence Life: A Snapshot of the Profession

This presentation is a brief overview of a view key components of housing and residence life from the perspective of an entry-level Residence Director.

Travis Whisler

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Housing and Residence Life: A Snapshot of the Profession

Housing and Residence Life: A Snapshot of the Profession
Housing and Residence Life 101
"Dorm" versus "Residence Hall"
Staff Roles in a Traditional System
Staff Roles in a Split System
Programming in the Residence Halls
Entry-Level Staff Professional Role
Programming Models
Shift to Curriculum-Based Approach
Duty and Crisis Response
What It Means To Be "On Duty"
Possible Situations
General Questions
Severe Weather
Illegal Substance/Alcohol Violations
Violent, Intimidating, and Disorderly Behavior
Domestic Disputes
Sexual Assault
Suicidal Ideation
Presentation Overview
Residence Life 101
Programming In the Residence Halls
Duty/Crisis Response
Conflict Mediation and Judicial Hearings
Residence Hall Tour
Presented by: Travis Whisler
Conflict Mediation and Judicial Hearings
Possibilities for Conflict
Judicial Hearings
Ties to Counseling Skills (yes, there is a correlation)
Contact Info
Travis Whisler
Office: 773-325-7175
Twitter: @traviswhisler
My Professional Journey (...so far)
Undergraduate: University of Central Missouri
Various Student Leadership Roles on Campus
The Turning Point
Graduate: DePaul University
Assistant Residence Director Role
Residence Director Role
My Other Hats
The Future
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