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Huxloe Group - Global Ambition

Specially for UK retailers looking to grow their business.

Alfonso Cortes

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Huxloe Group - Global Ambition

Global Ambitions
A presentation for
growing retailers.
Online consumer sales $billions
UK Domestic
The opportunity...
You see, virtually all the growth comes from cross-border sales...
UK online shoppers...
European online shoppers!
Where are you
selling to today?
Where would you like to sell to tomorrow?...
So, what's stopping you?...
Exporting knowledge?
Global retail logistics knowledge?
Understanding of intelligent supply chain options?
Knowing what software systems will work the best for you?
What about duty paid and customs knowledge?
Or how to integrate into your existing business model?
The perceived cost?
Well if you've got Global ambitions... &
...there's nothing stopping you!
With the Huxloe Group we can help you….

Match the right carrier to your customer’s delivery expectations.

Set-up inventory distribution in the UK to manage daily in-store demand.
Set-up daily tote-box delivery of online orders to UK stores.
Start selling and shipping to European countries with in-country language support for customer services.
Have your products taken to Europe and dropped directly into our partner carrier systems for immediate delivery.
Significantly reducing transit time and lowering costs.
That’s called Direct Injection Delivery.
Huxloe can also set-up a returns system in any country in the World too.
Do you manufacture in China & the Far East?
You can have UK carrier labels applied in China and bulk dropped to a carrier hub in the UK for immediate delivery.
That’s Reverse Direct Injection Delivery!
You see, no matter how big your ambitions are...
...The Huxloe Group can make them happen.
We’ve taken in-store retailers online

We’ve taken UK focussed fashion retailers into Europe

We’ve taken European retailers to USA and beyond

And in the most intelligent and cost-effective way possible.
Warehousing and distribution
Global e-commerce delivery specialists
UK store inventory distribution
Intelligent delivery labeling systems
Direct Injection Global Delivery
Multi-lingual customers service centres
Global carrier partnership provider.
If you’ve got Global ambitions
There's nothing stopping you!
Call today to discuss your ambitions
+44(0)1536 312335
Or email: ambition@huxloegroup.com
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