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Erin Jang

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of COMMUNITY

by: stephanie, erin, kira, josh, and morgan
If you were an alien...
You'd assume that diversity is the norm
That only a select few people get special treatment and are focused on
That absurdity is a part of everyday tasks
But also that friendship is extremely important
People are lost individually but find happiness in being together
A study on elderly individuals found that their conservative views enabled "good" qualities for themselves but "bad" interactions with others (Franssen et. al. 2013).

the study group functions as family of misfits
but, within the family is a diverse range of relationships
in Community
Dean's relationship with his students and his desire to be popular and "in"
Diversity in Characters
Community focuses on a wide range of characters, from various ethnicities, religions, social status, and ages.
In comparison to sitcoms like I Love Lucy and Bewitched where the women did have a bit of their own life but were pretty controlled by their husbands, the women in Community come into Greendale with their own personal agendas
Britta & Annie get involved romantically with other members and develop a seemingly typical relationship with the men, but those relationships are complicated
Them being romantically involved does not take away from their characters
Dean's relationship with Jeff and his sexualization of him - Jeff uses this to his advantage to get grades and favourable classes
community vs old sitcoms
more realistic relationships even if largely exaggerated
many scenes revolve around misunderstanding of others and miscommunication, once again contributing to the show's comedy
By representing a wide range of demographics, the show similarly mimicks the dream of a multicultural, and inclusive America that we optimistically believe is common in Western societies currently.
Diversity in Content
tackled in the humorous play on social stereotypes and social problems, sarcasm is often used to create discourse about the structural breakdown of present Western society.
Blatant Racism and Ideological Sterotyping
Attack of The Gay Rights Movement
Why the Producers Believed it Would be Successful
-Unique Brand of Comedy
-Diverse and relatable cast of characters
-Anything but cookie cutter
-Incredibly well written by creator Dan Harmon (who was fired for season 4 but brought back for season 5. Not surprisingly season 4 was the least well received. Characters in the show actually reference it as "the year of the gas leak")
-Creativity is a vast understatement

Gender Roles
Furlong, M. (2012). 'Community': A Map of All the Dates, Hookups, Sexual Harassment And Other Intimate Relationships (INFOGRAPHIC).
HuffPost TV
. Retrieved November 24, 2014, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/14/community-relationship-infographic_n_1345766.html

Lundahl, A. (2012). Samantha Stephens as the Third-World Feminist Other: Border Theory and
Bewitched. Retrieved November 25, 2014, from http://tinyurl.com/p4lhpka

Franssen, V., Dhont, K., and Van Hiel, A. (2012). Age-Related Differences in Ethnic Prejudice: Evidence of Mediating Effect of Right Wing Attitudes.
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology
. Retrieved November 24, 2014, from http://tinyurl.com/ll2o5k9
Would you go to this school? Why?

Is this an accurate representation of a typical college experience?

Do you think this show challenges stereotypes of North America by providing interesting backstories on seemingly stereotypical characters?

What is the importance of the study group functioning

a "community" and putting aside their flaws/past?
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