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howzat! Cricket in australia

No description

Sonja Gitsham

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of howzat! Cricket in australia

Best Players
Cricket is a game of great skill and there are many nuances. Unlike most sports games, the outcome of a cricket match is not always about achieving the highest score. The winning side is often determined by a team protecting their own score and instead causing the opposing team to make errors in batting, bowling and fielding during game play. This makes it harder for the opposing team to win the match if they must 'catch up' and overtake a leading score. During game time, the balance of who is 'in the lead' can change many times and the outcome of a cricket match may not be known until the final moments of game play.
Cricket is one of Australia’s most popular sports, played between two teams of 11 players who take turns to bat and bowl and field. The aim of the game is to get as many runs as possible by running between the wickets on the pitch after hitting the ball (Cricket Australia 2014). It is usually played in the summer months by men and women alike, in all states across the country.

There are three main types of first class cricket in Australia. These are test matches, over 5 days, one day games lasting 50 overs and the newer, shorter version 20/20 where an innings only lasts for 20 overs.

Within these forms of the game there are a whole range of interesting themes, three of which will be presented here - safety aspects, best players and positions. There are three main skills areas involved in cricket – batting, bowling and fielding and these are what will be focused on within the aforementioned themes.

The resources selected to compile this information were deemed credible by using a checklist approach including accuracy, authority, objectivity, coverage and currency (Metzger, 2007). It was agreed that all resources used would need to meet a minimum standard to be used in the presentation. Three main points of a checklist were used to verify credibility of sources. These were:
1. Check currency of information (dates)
2. Identify author (contact details / well known company or association)
3. Sources are able to be backed up with corresponding information in other places

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Completed By:
Travis Giles (100185224) - Best Players
Sonja Gitsham (100447681) - Positions
Lauren Menzies (100458434) - Safety
The fielding team’s role is to prevent the batsmen from scoring runs and to get the batsmen out. This is done in a number of ways, the most common being:
Caught (hit by the batter and caught by a fielder on the full)
Bowled (batter misses and bowler hits the stumps)
Run out (a throw from a fielder hits the stumps while the batter is out of his crease)
LBW (ball hits the batsman but would’ve hit the stumps if he wasn’t there)

Therefore the main skills required for fielding positions are:
Fielding / Picking up balls cleanly
Throwing accurately (and possibly from a distance)

They also have certain positions to stand on the field depending on the type of bowler e.g. spinner, pace etc. and sometimes depending on the stage of the game e.g. power play.

There are three main skills areas in a game of cricket. These include batting, bowling and fielding. There are a number of techniques that are individual to each player, depending on their position and style of play.
The batsman’s job is to score runs after hitting the ball bowled to him by running between the wicket with his partner.

There are a number of different strokes / shots that can be played by a batsman. Some common ones include:

 Cut
 Drive
 Edge
 Hook
 Pull
 Reverse sweep
 Slog
 Sweep

Batting is not ‘one size fits all’ different techniques and approaches will work for different individuals, though the fundamentals of the position are:

 Grip
 Stance
 Balance
 Bat lift
 Footwork
(Cricket Victoria 2013)

A bowler’s part of the team is to ‘deliver’ the ball to the batsman. There are generally two types of bowlers – pace bowlers (who can bowl up to 140km+ p/h) and spin bowlers (who use their hand to spin the ball when released).
There are a number of types of deliveries a bowler can do with some of the most common being:
 Bouncer
 Inswinger
 Reverse swing
 Yorker
 Full toss

One technique that all bowlers must adhere to is to not bend their arm at the elbow when releasing the ball so it is not classed as a throw.

Bowling Action (Wikimedia 2015)

Another role the bowler plays is to help the captain set the field,
in an attempt to get the batsman to make an error
and be dismissed.

Cricket Fielding Positions
(Right-handed Batsman)
(Port Adelaide Cricket Club 2014)

Measuring who are the best in the game of cricket is a little difficult. With so many players and different types of cricket played; test cricket, one day internationals, Twenty20 (internationals) and Sheffield Shield, it can be difficult to say conclusively who are the best.

There have been many players who shine in specific forms of the game. The oldest and perhaps the most noteworthy form of cricket is Test Cricket – a traditional form played over several days. If we confine ourselves to examining the highest individual achievements of Australian players in Test Cricket, we come up with this list:

The Best Players - Australian Test Records

Best Batters
Highest career run average (99.94 runs per innings) - Sir Donald (Don) Bradman
Highest individual run score (380 runs) - Matthew Hayden

Best Bowlers
Most wickets taken in a career (708) Shane (Warnie) Warne
Best career runs per average wicket (16.53) Charles (Charlie) Turner

Best Fielders
Most catches in test career (379) Adam Gilchrist
Most wicket keeping dismissals 416 (379 catches, 37 stumpings) Adam Gilchrist

These statistics have been reproduced from cricket.com.au - a website published by Cricket Australia (CA) (Cricket Australia, 2015); "the national governing body for the game in Australia" (Cricket Australia, 2015) and the foremost authority for Cricket in the country. Cricket's world governing body is the International Cricket Council (ICC).(ICC, 2015). CA holds full member status with the ICC (International Cricket Council, 2015) and the statistics listed here are officially recognised as records attained by Australian players.
Adam Gilchrist
Sir Don Bradman
Shane Warne
Matthew Hayden
Charles Turner
Howzat! Cricket In Australia
Safety in Cricket has always been a major concern for players, umpires, commentators and spectators, however since the death of Phillip Hughes, the safety regulations of Australian Cricket have come under scrutiny (Horne 2014)
Safety concerns
Common injuries directly to players include:
Sprains & strains
Overuse injuries - particularly in the shoulders, back & hands
Environmental factors that can result in injury include:
A wet or rough pitch
Hazards on the pitch such as stones
Other safety considerations include:
Spectators who becone aggressive from too much alcohol
Spectators bringing weapons into the arena
To avoid any more players being hurt or having fatal injuries, the safety equipment the players are required to wear are currently under investigation, because they can currently pick their clothing based on what's comfortable as long as it has passed the ICC regulations (ICC.2015), not on the latest safety innovation.
The players do not have many items of clothing while fielding that prevent injury. Once the clothing and equipment has been reconsidered, it is believed this may be amended.

The fielders are trained for how to catch the ball, however the lack of gloves can cause significant damage to the hands.
Like the fielders, the bowlers do not wear any protective clothing or equipment. They are trained in how to throw the ball without causing injury the the hands, shoulders and back.
(World Cricket Watch 2009)
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Club Logo Cricket Australia (CA Australia, 2015)
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