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Writing Complete Sentences (p. 64-65)

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Lucas Klipsch

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Writing Complete Sentences (p. 64-65)

Writing Complete Sentences
Fixing Common Sentence Problems
Fragment-A Fragment is a group of words pretending to be a sentence. It is NOT a sentence, however, because it lacks a subject, verb, or something else.
A Sentence=Subject+Verb
Kelly throws the ball.
What's left?

Kelly's nice.
A Fragment is missing something.

Throws the ball.
What's missing?

Kelly nice.
What's missing?
Comma Splice-Connecting two independent clauses with a comma.

What is an independent clause?

I went shopping today, the grocery store was having a sale.

What is a dependent clause?

I went shopping today, which took three hours because of the crowds.

What punctuation do we use?
I went shopping today; the grocery store was having a sale.
Rambling Sentence-Sentences that go on and on and on and on and on...and use the word "and" a lot.
Example: I'm pretty good at math and science and PE and keyboarding and band and geography, but I'm not good at government and econ and history and English.
Run-on Sentence-Two sentences joined together without the correct punctuation or conjunction.

I thought the test would be easy it was hard.

What does it need?

Conjunctions can help too...

I thought the test would be easy _ it was hard.
How about a semi-colon?
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