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the total tragedy of a girl named hamlet

book report

salado star

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of the total tragedy of a girl named hamlet

The total tragedy of a girl
named Hamlet BOOK REPORT Summary/Plot The book “The total tragedy of a girl named Hamlet" is a realistic fiction novel. It is about an eighth grader named Hamlet Kennedy who only wants to fit in and stay normal. She finds out that her seven year old, genius sister named Dezzie will be attended middle school. While her sister is attending middle school with her, she feels embarrassed and encounters many problems. While they’re at school Dezzie meets 2 girls, named Saber and Mauri, they are rude to Hamlet, but super-friendly to Dezzie. When Hamlet gets her tests back, she finds out she is failing pre-algebra and sent to a special learning center along with many other students including her crush Carter and an annoying boy who always teases her named KC. Her confusion and embarrassment continues, when someone keeps leaving little origami pigs in her locker. Her friend, Judith thinks it’s a secret admirer, but it can also be someone making fun of her. Hamlet hopes it’s her crush Carter sending the origami pigs, but doesn’t know for sure. Her problems get even worse, when she gets Shakespeare assignments and her parents come to teach in front of her English class, dressed in Renaissance-Fair clothing. She soon finds out that Mauri and Saber are using her genius sister to get answers on school work. She tries to tell Dezzie, but she does not believe her and continues to think Saber and Mauri are good friends. In English class, she discovers she has a strange talent when she reads Shakespeare beautifully and is going to play the main part in a Shakespeare play. Hamlet doesn’t want her talent and all she wants is to fit it and not get too much attention. However with her genius sister, Shakespeare-obsessed parents and unwanted talent, that is not working. Hamlet begins to feel uncomfortable around her best friend Ty, because Judith told her that he has a crush on her. When Dezzie invites Saber and Mauri to her house, they destroy Dezzie's father globe theatre thinking it was Hamlets. Dezzie finds out of what Saber and Mauri did and finally believes that they are just using her. So, Hamlet and dezzie think of a plan to give Saber and Mauri the wrong answers. Hamlet loses interest in Carter, because he is a boring person and starts to like KC, because she finds out that KC was the one leaving origami pigs in her locker only because he likes her. Hamlet soon realizes that Shakespeare is her parent’s passion and tries to stop being embarrassed of them. On the day if the Shakespeare play, hamlet confronts Ty about if he likes her. She finds out that Ty doesn't have a crush on her and that Judith misunderstood. Before the play, Hamlet got nervous but when she started saying her lines the audience cheered and she realized that being different wasn’t awful after all. Hamlet is the main character in the book. One of her characteristics is that she is caring. I know this, because in the book, she cared about her sister when Saber and Mauri were using her. Hamlet is also a little selfish, because she exaggerates about the situation, when really it is more important to her social life, then it is in the world. She is also up-tight, because in the book, she cares a lot of what her classmates thinks and just wants to blends in. I think she should loosen up. Dezzie is also a main character. She is the younger sister of Hamlet. in the book she is described as a genius, because she graduated college at the age of 7. However, she she attends middle school she becomes clueless, because shes never been there and needs Hamlets help finding her way. Saber and Mauri are also one of the main
characters, they are described as the "mean girls".
Saber and Mauri are selfish and rude, because they used Dezzie to get good grades and didn't care about her feelings. Judith is another main character. She is Hamlet's friednd . Judth is kind, because she understands Hamlet and is by her side through everything that has happened to her. CHARACTERS Recommendation The book "The Total Tragedy of a girl named Hamlet" is a fun, interesting story. A complicated yet close relationship between two sisters is the plot of the story. The main character Hamlet is very likable and very easy to relate to, especially for girls aged 8-14. However, the moral of the story is that it’s better to be yourself, which anyone can relate to. That’s why this book is great for everyone. This book is very humorous with an emotional pull that readers will be sighing with relief that’s its not them.
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