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Kevin Biliaminu

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Seminar

Gautam, Kevin B, Kevin L, Mohid English Seminar Process Analysis More on P.A Entanglement and
"Romeo and Juliet" Entanglement related to Fifth Business The Outsiders Sons of Fortune - Chronological Ordering of information - Process: A process is a series of actions taken to achieve an end. Questions on text This means
the info is
placed in the
same order
the events
occurred in For example the chronological ordering in the story "Why Leaves Turn Color in The Fall" by Diane Ackerman describes the how leaves fall in chronological order. - Answers the questions "How does it work?" and
"How does it happen?" - A Process analysis is writen in logical order, is clear and concise, and breaks the essay into smaller parts to explain the whole picture - It has a target audience and it helps the reader accomplish a task. - An Analysis- involves taking a subject apart and explaining its components in order to understand the relationship between the whole and its parts - Writing 2. How has Ackerman Organized her essay? Explain why this organization seems most appropriate for her subject Writing 5. How would the essay differ if she chose to present her information in first person? How would this change affect the scientific information in the essay? Language 1. Identify several similes and metaphors that Ackerman uses, and explain how each functions in the content of the essay Language 2. What is Ackermans attitude towards the subject? Cite examples of her diction to support the answer Language 3. How would you describe Ackermans level of diction in this essay? Does she ever get too scientific for the general reader? If so, where do you think her language gets too technical?
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