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My Favorite Sandwich

About my fav sandwich, how to make it, an why I like it

Slina LongLastName

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of My Favorite Sandwich

My Favorite Sandwich is Peanut butter & Pickle! :D But why?? I like it! hmmm..... I'll tell you. <:O) It's awesome. Tastes delicous. seriously, It's healthy for you, a great snack, home----- ---------made, not round and round and round so that it'll confuse your eyes, You'll like it too if you're that kind of person that likes peanut butter, pickles, and bread all together! and now that you know why I like it, now I'll show you how to make it. Step by step. How to Make a Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich Step One You Need:

-1 plate
-1 butterknife
-a jar of peanut butter
-2 slices of bread
-a brain (don`t go looking for one, it`s your brain!) First, have everything set up on the table. Then put bread in a toaster. By: Slina F. Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five Step Six When the toast pops out, *POP!*
take it out carefully and put it on the plate. Note: It will be hot when you take it out so be careful! ):D Next, spread peanut butter (I hope you know how) all over the now-toasted bread. On the "T" for a Tip: I usually spread peanut butter on both pieces of toast for more taste. :) You don't have to. ;) Cut one pickle into as many pieces as you like (as long as it fits on the bread)and place the pieces on top of the peanut butter-covered piece of toast. :) Now place the other piece of toast on top of the other, nicely, and then you're DONE! Supposed to be covered in pickles Now eat and enjoy!
:OD WARNING! Don't eat if you think this will KILL YOU. Otherwise, try it! And now you know how to make a peanut butter & pickle sandwich! Now for some fun: THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert Happy Face here) FIGHT! OH NO! Traffic Jam! FIGHT!
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