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Getting Started

No description

Jelena Kenić

on 24 October 2015

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Transcript of Getting Started

Getting Started With Cluster
Getting Started
Install app CLUSTER on your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC
Sign Up
Use your email address
Choosing A Gallery
When you log in you will get a window with available galleries. Choose the one suitable for your photo clicking on it's name.
You will see all photos that are previously posted. Don't forget to like them giving the hearts or to express your opinion in comments! :)
When you get a window like this one, you can simply choose what you want to publish.
Select from your own gallery what you want to share with us
Add your comment and click "DONE"
You can post a new photo clicking on the sign "+" in a blue circle.
You need to sign up only once. Next time when you open this application choose the option "Log In".
That's all!
Share your work with us and support others liking their work.

When you
sign up, send us your email so we can find you and add in the groups.
Send a message with your email to the one of the following teachers:
Jelena Kenić
Katarina Ivanović.
Send a message with your email
to the one of the following teachers:

Jelena Kenić
Katarina Ivanović

and we will add you into the groups.

We need to do this in order to keep our work private and safe.
~ eTwinning project ~
Author: Jelena Kenić
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