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Shea Worthington

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Week Seven

Job Descriptions
Week Seven
Earned $16.00 in donations and our most sold item was sour patch kids.
C. E. O
Shea Worthington
Making the world a bit sweeter everyday!
1st thing make signs
office announcements in the morning
encouraged people to buy
Making the world a bit sweeter everyday!!
Marketings effect
The majority of customers found out about us from our location.
Very few found out about the company through signs.
Announcements had almost no effect
Basketball Game
NOVEMBER 19th 2013
- 65 sold $32.50
- 32 sold $48.00
beef jerky
- 9 sold $4.50
- 4 sold $2.00
- $10.85
total - $94.oo
we have planned to do the basketball games on the 6th and the 13th
bake sale on the 20th .discussed a month before
bake sale in the morning of Thursday and Friday 19th and the 20th
ford biilingsey
city national bank
Week one.
Our company sold chips, beef jerky, goodie bags, and candy.
The sale percentages were at 58% with the goodie bags, 15% for trail mix and beef jerky and 12% for chips.
We made a total of $40.00
Sweet Tooth
Raise $300 by the end of January
To identify popular snack foods and develop marketing strategies
To strengthen relationships between team members
To gain real life experience in business management
To improve individual work habits and work ethics
Job Descriptions
Shea CEO: Give final approval for business plans and events.
Tianna HR: Assign jobs to each employees and hire and fire employees, help settle disagreements within the team, and schedule employees for each event.
Elizabeth Supervisor: Oversees the set up and clean up for every sales event.
Gracie Manger: Plan each event and obtain permission from the school. Assign employees to each sales events.
Katy Accountant: Keeps track of sales, purchases, financial logs, and expenses.
Makayla Marking Director: Coordinate and development of publication. Survey customers for future events.
Eliza Secretary: Takes note of staff meetings and accounts of team ideas and decisions.
Chikezie and Kwon Sales Personal: Staff the sale booth at all selling events.
Sweet Tooth Airlines

We sold at the basketball game that night. We had popcorn along with pizza and the rest of our products. We made $32.50 on the popcorn and $48.00 on the pizza and a total of $14.45. We also had $10.85 in donations. The total at the end of the night was $106.35

We sold $1.50 of beef jerky, $3.00 of reese's, $6.00 of Kit-Kat bars, $3.00 of Hershey's and $3.00 of Skittles. We made a total of $20.50
Eliza Morales ~Secretary
Marketing Director
Selling in the school lobby
City National Bank
Bake Sale
Sweet Tooth
January 28th high school game
29th donuts in morning
selling on Friday the 24th
Our Mission Statement,
Asked the vice president of CNB to sell
Never got a response
Basketball game interfered
Did not sell
Billinglsey Ford
Contacted manager of Billingsley Ford
Never got a response
What we sold:
Most Popular Items
Candy Bags
Trail Mix
Snickers (Almond)
Sour Patch Kids
Tianna Doctor
Started selling in the lobby after school, things went well, set-up was good. We borrowed a table from Mrs.Woodson and our last hour teachers allowed us to leave class a little early to set up. Some of our personnel weren't focused but the next time they were fine.
Sold at the basketball game on November 19th.
Things went well. Had limited salespeople
because many of them were either playing basketball or
cheering. There was a miscommunication with Mrs. Felicia about selling the pizza and with the popcorn machine, but after talking it over it was settled.
Week Three.
We had a total of $16.75 Our most sold product that day was the starburst. We sold 11 of those.
Week Four.
We sold $16.00 worth of product this day.

Candy :
1st- Sour Patch Kids (31 sold)
2nd- Skittles
3rd- starburst
Gracie Adams

We bought more product to sell for this week. We had a larger variety of products.
We had a total of $13.00

Makayla Powell
To provide our customers with quality food, candy and service and to fulfill their inner .
Sweet Tooth
This Group is full of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Made sure that there always were at least 2 or 3
people selling at a time

Elizabeth Stephens

1st- Beef Jerky()
2nd- Chips
3rd- Trail Mix

We sold 3 bags of chips and 1 candy bag and 1 thing of beef jerky. We made a total of $5.00
Sold at the Basketball Game on January 28
We made the decision to work in the
concessions with Mrs.Felicia. This was a great
decision. Things went smoothly, we really
came together as a team.

added table cloths
moved signs around
Week Two
Oversee of set up of planned saled events
I oversaw that the tables were always set up and prepared for
selling after school and at games
Week Five. $15.58 in donations for a total of $16.83.

Original sour patch kids were the most popular.
Week Six
The H.R. and the C.E.O decided on the jobs of the employees .
on statement for our group.11-12-13
talked about a commercial and jingle
discussed of what product we were going to sell for basketball game .
nov. 19th basketball game
products were always available for
Sales stand and products were always put up following
a selling event.
Earned $5.00

I oversaw that the tables were set up
for after school selling
1st- Kit Kat()
2nd- Snickers
3rd- Hershey's
Week Eight
We made a total of $35.50. We tried a new thing by going to the elementary. We got $8.00 in donations from people. By going to the elementary we got $11.00
All out of school selling events were cancled due to bad planning
or sales people were not available to sell products.
overall, sold
items, give or take a few items
Kwon Lee and Chikezie Ndeckweai
fulfilled the duties of salesperson if someone was not Available.
At the end of the project we were going to donate our earnings to the school, but then we heard about a family at our school that lost their house so we gave our money to them.
Week Eight
Our team tried a new strategy we made $10.00 by selling at cars.
This was our last home basketball we were able to sell at. Our profit by the end of the night was $170.00
january 28th 2014
worked in the
cafeteria and earned
$120 total.
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