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Simply Around The World - prezi presentation

Presentation of Adam and Paul's trip around the World. Visit our blog at: http://www.simplyaroundtheworld.com/

Adam Maschek

on 13 November 2011

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Transcript of Simply Around The World - prezi presentation

Simply Around The World Participants Paul and Adam first met in 2004, in Madrid
Since then we have visited 17 countries throughout Europe
During this time we suffered 3 car tire punctures, but no one got hurt
Paul's favorite city is Prague
Adam's favorite city is Lisbon
Together we speak 7 languages and can curse at least in another 7 Idea Let's travel around the World in 300 days! Preparation One year of preparation, including:
when and where to go
main flight tickets
etc London Montreal Toronto Chicago San Francisco Death Valley Las Vegas Los Angeles Yucatan North Colombia Lima Cuzco Machu Picchu Rio de Janeiro Iguazu El Calafate Ushuaia Valparaiso New Zealand Australia Philippines Singapore Bali Hanoi South Korea Beijing Start: 18/08/2010 The poutine Squirrels are everywhere Hungarian shop second largest city of Canada
70% French-speaking
second largest French-speaking city after Paris 100 000 immigrants arrive every year
Chinatown, Greektown, Koreatown, Little India, Little Italy, Little Jamaica, Little Portugal
food is great! CN Tower and the Blue Jays Thai-Hungarian restaurant third most populous city in the USA
popular filming location
rich cultural life
Willis Tower The "L" The first laundry Great public transportation city for tourists
one third Asian
most homeless per capita in the US lowest, driest, and hottest location in N. America
highest reported temperature: 56.7 °C in the middle of the desert
powered by Hoover Dam 2nd largest city in the US
movie industry
beaches hot and humid
history of pirates
volunteering here capital of the Incas
Spaniards tried hard to destroy it
elevation: 3400m
volunteering here second largest city in Brazil
used to be capital of Brazil and also of Portugal for a short time finalist of new 7 wonders
Argentine side is better
cooler than Niagara one of few advancing glaciers
estimated 400 years old ice southernmost city of the World
used to be penal colony
tours to Antartica start from here ($$$) used to be an important port
great fireworks at new year's eve wool, wine, dairy products
extreme sports
natural wonders
funny accent Spanish and USA influence
Filipino and funny English spoken Thank you! http://www.simplyaroundtheworld.com
http://prezi.com/hcyvvgwcmts6/simply-around-the-world-prezi-presentation Arrival: 03/05/2011 largest ethnic Chinese community in Latin America
one third of Peruvians live here
almost never rains
great food! the "fine" city
great mix of cultures tourist overload
dirtiest beach we have found great food
cherry blossom festival last stop on the road
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