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Occupations and Social Class system in Elizabethan England

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Kush Patel

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Occupations and Social Class system in Elizabethan England

Occupations and social class system in Elizabethan England.
Highest ranking social class in England. this Caste was led by Queen and all the Royal Court. All of the People were high ranking officials and They ruled the country as they found it fit.
Second most important class from the top. These people were the Earls, Lords/Ladies, Barons/Baroness and Wealthy Knights. These people served nobility from foreign so they had a lot of parties and dinners and sometimes they would go bankrupt because of the parties.
Gentry were people who had money and respect in society, they were knights, Gentlemen/women, scribes, etc. They did a lot of fighting, writing and exploration. These men led the to the English colonization of 'new world'.
Merchants also known as 'middle men' were third social class. They traded goods and clothes. For example Mercer is a person who sells fabric, Stapler is the person who buys and sells raw wool, silk and linen.
During the reign of queen Elizabeth I England the Social classes determined that what was the occupation and how much importance society gave the person.
The Laborers
These people were peasants and were denied basic comforts, security and chance to get well dressed.
Example: Field-Hands, Serving Boys, and Beggars.
Second from last on social ladder also known as "middle class". These people earned a substantial amount of money. They could read, wright, and were very religious.
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