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The Core

No description

Rachel Mesch

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of The Core

Experimental and Quantitative Methods (EXQM)
Contemporary World Cultures (COWC)
First Year Writing

First Year Seminar

The Natural World

Cultures Over Time
Interpreting the Creative (INTC)
Coffee and the Creation of Modernity
Roman Empire in Theory and Practice
France and Its Other
From Tradition to Modernity
Islam and the West

Immigrant Nations
Diaspora Literature
Political Geography
The Imperial Self
Books on Books/Films of Films
New World Encounters
Fiction and the Artistic Imagination
Shakespeare and the Arts
Bach, Mozart, Stravinsky
Human Behavior and Social Institutions (HBSI)
Law & Society
Psychology of Public Opinion
Analysis of Environmental Toxins
Physics in Life and Technology
Frontiers of Science
The Language Option
Elementary French or Spanish II = COWC
Intermediate French or Spanish I = CUOT
Intermediate French or Spanish II = INTC
SPRING 2014 topics:
Justice Narratives
Positive Psychology Research, Theory and Practic
Philosophy and Science Fiction
Light and Dark Shakesperean Comedy
Speeches that Changed the World
East/West: World Masterpieces and Cultural Values
Jews and Journeys
Understanding Financial Crises
Zionism and Judaism
Origin Stories: The Family in Literature
Genius: An Ideal in History?
Ancient Egyptian Literature
New York Through the Eyes of Hispanic Writers
Myth and the Frontier: Perspectives on the American West
Political Zionism and Covenantal Judaism
The Politics of Memory
The mission of the YC Core curriculum is to create intellectually engaged, culturally aware, global citizens. The Core prepares students for academic and career success by introducing them to multiple academic fields in an interdisciplinary context. Core classes equip students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to think critically, communicate effectively, engage in rigorous scientific and quantitative reasoning, and to be life-long learners.
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