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Pet Care Industry

No description

Victor Arámbulo

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Pet Care Industry

Pet Care Industry
by Petcetera
Our Motivation
Business trends
Perception vs. Reality

Pet industry - underresearched

What are the challenges that are faced by the pet-care industry in Singapore?
Worldwide View
Trends in the market
Pet pampering
Unhealthy pets
US is leading the market

Singapore's Market
Valued at $90.6 million USD
Top 50 pet care markets in the world
Paws, we have a problem!
The Stakeholders
Animal welfare Organizations-

Pet owners

Pet Shop Owners
Key Players
Query Letter
1. What is your opinion on Singapore’s pet ownership laws?
3. How do you think we can protect pets from being abandoned?

Interview Questions
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Low pet ownership

Inadequate pet welfare laws
High dependency on economic welfare
Lack of awareness about responsible pet ownership
For the industry
Questions for the success stories
1. What motivated you to work in the pet care industry?
2. What is your personal vision for Singapore’s pet care industry?
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