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Allusion Project

No description

Shyanne Huff

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Allusion Project

Allusion Project
Shyanne Huff
Story of a Navy Seal
First off, what is an alluison?
An allusion is defined as a casual reference in literature to a person, place, event, or another passage of literature. often without explicit identification.

*This project shows how I embodied some types of allusions into the movie,
American Sniper
American Sniper
Scene 1
The main character, Chris Kyle, grows up as a rodeo cowboy and eventually enlists in the US Navy (Navy Seal). The training to become a navy seal required tough, brutal training. One could relate the training process as Stygian (mythological allusion.)

Stygian- dark and gloomy; named after the river Styx, in the underworld. The water is poisonous for human and cattle and said to break iro, metal, and pottery.
Styx River
Navy Seal Training
After training, he meets his future wife at a bar, gets married to her, and is quickly sent to Iraq after September 11 attacks of 2001. The foreigners could claim the attack was like a Waterloo. (historical allusion)
Scene 2
Waterloo- a decisive or final defeat or setback; Belgain 1816, source of Napoleon's last defeat.
Battle of Waterloo
9/11 Attack
Scene 3
His first kill in Iraq was a woman and a young boy who attacked US marines with a grenade. This visibly upset Chris, but he becomes an instant hero and earns the nickname, "Legend." Chris Kyle could be compared to Zeus. (Mythological allusion)
Zeus- a powerful man; king of the gods, ruler of Mt. Olympus, vengeful hurler of thunderbolts.
Chris Kyle
Scene 4
Chris later returns home to his wife and for the birth of his son. However, he is constantly distracted by the thoughts of his past war experiences. He knew in his heart he had to go back. He could be compared to a chauvinist. (Historical allusion)

Chauvinist- one who has a militant devotion to and glorification of one's country, fanatical patriotism, prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind; after Nicolas Chauvin a legendary French soldier devoted to Napolean.
Nicolas Chauvin & Napolean
Chris Kyle
Scene 5
Chris Kyle leaves for 2nd tour in Iraq...
Scene 6
Months later, Kyle returns home once again for the birth of his newborn daughter. He becomes increasingly distant from his family and hardly communicates with them. His wife was desperate to bring their love back to the way it was before. His wife could be compared to cupidity. (Mythological allusion)

Cupidity- eager "desire" to possess something; greed or avarice; Roman god of love
Cupid- god of love
Chris Kyle and Wife
Scene 7
It is now the 3rd tour, and the Dragunou sniper injures a unit member. Later, another American SEAL is killed, making Kyle feel guilty to take a 4th tour. Taya, his wife, tell Chris she really needs him to stay. His wife could be compared to Berserk. (Historical allusion) Chris' actions could be compared to the Pearl of Great Price. (Biblical allusion)
Berserk- destructively or frenetically violent, mental or emotional upset; a warrior clothed in bear skin who worked himself into a frenzy before battle.

Pearl of Great Price- something so precious that one would devote everything to or give up everything for it. In one of Jesus' parables, the kingdom of heaven is compared to a pearl of great prive, or value, found by a merchant.
Berserk- emotionally violent
Chris Kyle's Wife
Pearl of Great Price
4th Tour
Scene 8
Chris is assigned to kill "Mustafo." He takes him out with a long distant shot-2100 yards. In the midst of low ammunition and long thought, he calls and tells his wife he is ready to come home. His shot and success could be compared to Herculean. (Mythological allusion)

Herculean- very strong of extraordinary power; from Hercules, Hera's glory, son of Zeus.
Chris Kyle
Scene 9
Once Chris returns home, he is unable to adjust to the civilian life again. He is encouraged to help wounded veterans in a nearby hospital. He meets veterans who suffered severe injuries and coaches them at shooting ranges in the woods, and gradually adjusts to home. One could call him a Good Samaritan. (Biblical allusion)
Good Samaritan- someone who helps another person, perhaps someone from a different race or background; from a NT parable about a Samritan, a traditional enemy of the Hebrews, who stopped to help a Jewish man who had been beaten and left dead on the side of the road.
Good Samaritan
Chris Kyle helping Veterans
Scene 10
On February 2, 2013, Chris says goodbye to his family and leaves to spend time with a veteran at the shooting range. He was anxious to see how he could help the injured men. He could relate to a Friday. (Literature alluision)
Friday- a faithful and wiling attendant, ready to turn his hand to anything; from the you savage found by Robinson Crusoe on a Friday, and kept as his servant and companion on the desert island.
Robinson Crusoe- Book
Chris Kyle Helping Veterans
Slide 11
Chris was killed day by a veteran he was trying to help followed. Thousands followed along the highway for his funeral. His memorial was at Cowboys Stadium. He forever changed American and Veterans. His character could be compared to a Muse. (Mythological allusion)

Muse- some creature of inspiration; the daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, divine singers that presided over thought in all of its forms.
Chris Kyles' memorial
Muse- inspiration
Underlying Theme/ Connection
1. The adverse impacts of war experiences makes it hard to cope with the traumas when returning home.
2. The contrast of peace and family against the hectic danger of war.
3. Follow your gut feeling, and the positive results will follow.
4. Everyone can adapt to new situations, even if it may take some time.
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