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Story elements

No description

Kylie Dees

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Story elements

Thank you for watching!!!!!! ;)
The river bank in a forest, the forest in a hole, and the underworld.
The End
Story elements, Orpheus and Eurydice.
The plot is when Orpheus wife dies and he goes back to get her from the under world. The suspense of the story is when Orpheus was bringing hie wife back and he wasn't supposed to look at her but he did and she went back to the underworld.
The theme of the story is don't be selfish. The Power of Music. Death. Fleeting Nature of Happiness. Love and Trust.
By: Kylie Dees, Jake Strimbu, Cleo Hamm, Ben Vicklin, Kaitlyn Hunter, Garrett Housley
Plot and suspense

Orpheus, Eurydice, and Hades are the characters. Orpheus is a central, dynamic character. Eurydice is a central, static character. Hades is a minor, flat, static character.

He looks back at his wife and she has to go back to the underworld after she died and Orpheus came to rescue her with his magical music.

Tone and Mood
Tone: The tone is sad, loss, and betrayal.
Mood: The story is sad because he lost his wife on there wedding day by a poissiens snake that bit her and then when he looked back he had loose her all over again.
Kylie D.
Plot Mountain
Exposition- Orpheus and Eurydice got married.

Rising Action-When Orpheus' pain was too much he decided that he would get his wife.

Climax- When he was up on the land of the living he looked back at her.

Falling Action- Eurydice was pulled back into the underworld once again.

Resolution- He started singing again about his loss and some trees covered over him and protected him as he sang his beautiful song.

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