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FTA - George R. R. Martin

No description

Patricija Balatinec

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of FTA - George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin FTA Gerorge R. R. Martin FTA Characters UNKNOWN WORDS Kinery – an aggressive young man, with short blond hair and a spike beard and a no-nonsense manner
Jerome Schechter – the deputy director of the FTL Foundation; a large man, layered in fat, with heavy eyebrows and shock of thick gray hair
Lopez - administrator
Allison – teleportation experiments
Claudia Daniels – esper engine
Chung – time – stasis hypothesis
Dr. Frederik D. Canferelli - founder
of the FTL Foundation velocity - the speed of sth in a particular direction
"In hyperspace, there is no reason to suppose that the limiting velocity of light will apply."
persistent - determined to do sth despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you and think that you are being annoying or unreasonable
"One has to be persistent in dealing with you people." - George R. R. Martin was born on September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey
- an American screenwriter and author of fantasy, horror and science fiction
- Martin's work has been described by the Los Angeles Times as having "complex story lines, fascinating characters, great dialogue, perfect pacing", while the New York Times sees it as "fantasy for grown ups", others feel it is dark
and cynical. - His characters are often
unhappy or, at least, unsatisfied –
holding on to idealisms in a ruthless world. Many have elements of tragic heroes in them.
- He is best known for A Song of Ice and Fire,
his international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels that HBO adapted for their dramatic
Game of
Thrones. - The series has received
critical praise from authors, readers,
and critics alike. Martin was selected by Time magazine as one of the "2011 Time 100", a list of the "most influential people in the world". THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Ana Magić & Patricija Balatinec FTL Foundation was created to research a method of fasterthan- light travel loon - a person who has strange ideas or who behaves in a strange way
"The only one who was going in the right direction at all was Lopez, and you loons took him out of the field and made him an administrator."

crackpot - a person with strange or crazy ideas
"We fund the crackpot theories that we fund because they’re better than nothing."

weary - very tired, especially after you have been
working hard or doing sth for a long time
"I’m sure you would,” he said, in a voice
infinitely weary." "...We don’t have any room left, Kinery. Not here, not anywhere on Earth. And the colonies on Mars and Luna and Callisto are jokes, we both know that. Man’s in a dead end... "
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